Ramadan-e-Karim is leaving us all today. The auspicious month this year, however, was very different than the ones I usually experience. In my entire lifetime, I never saw so much pain, tears and distress in this Holy month. Never was fasting this difficult, nor did it bring so many deaths along. Never ever did electricity and water shortage reach this extent. Despite the adversity, there were some individuals who stood beside the nation and rendered some unusual services. Since Ramadan bidding us adieu for the next eleven months, I will have to grab an opportunity right away to thank these people for their due services that in a way or other were very helpful.

1.      General Raheel Sharif:

Through all the hustle and bustle in town, the man of steel did not move an inch away from his mission. No matter how much opposition he had to face from the political parties, he stood firm with his aim to help his country mates make Pakistan a better place to live in. Luckily, the results could be visibly seen. Having done all the Eid shopping, roaming on the roads and seeing children play cricket outside, fearless business expansion ventures of shopkeepers had all urged me to admit that Karachi will soon become the city of lights again. All thanks to General Raheel Shareef – such a brave leader he has been. I did not wanted to see people dying at the hands of criminals in markets and mosques this Ramadan – which I didn’t, thanks to General Raheel Sharif.

2.      Abdul Sattar Edhi:

Abdul Sattar Edhi had always stood by the Pakistani nation. Even the world recognizes him and considers him eligible for Nobel Prize. Would it have been possible that people would have died and he would not have offered them support? The day the heat waves hit Karachi, I only wondered what the fate of those whom I see sleeping on the streets every morning, will be. Not only were they homeless, and, hence, without shelter to protect them from the heat, they were also family-less to have someone to perform their rituals. The moment this tragedy occurred, what made me feel satisfied was the fact that they won’t be left to rot. Edhi Sahab took great care of the bodies, waited for their families and then performed their last ceremonies himself. What was shocking to see was that the prices of graves had gone sky high in the event of this calamity. However, Edhi Sahab, the example-setting personality managed to get all of the homeless who had passed away, a good place to rest for their entire lifetime. Truly, without you sir, it would never have been possible.

3.      Younus Khan:

Since the country was in a state of depression, nothing had any charm in it. No one loved cooking like before, nor was there any charm left in shopping. After so many tragic deaths due to the heat wave, it seemed as if every house was mourning and was unable to cope with the tragedy. In these circumstances, the cricket series with Sri Lanka came out to be something good and positive. Though it did not provide any material support, it was still good to see that the team playing well. Younus Khan amazed cricket enthusiasts with his outstanding performance. His amazing batting served as a candle of happiness in the sea of sadness.

4.      Hamza Ali Abbasi:

This might sound insane, but Hamza Ali Abbasi proved to be really helpful in Ramadan, especially to me. No one had the time to switch the TV on and to spend hours listening to the irrelevant news regarding Ayyan Ali’s appearance in the court or the next happening in the Axact scandal. In this case, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s status updates were the best one could have got. From analysis to reviews, all could be found each day on his wall. He sometimes quoted the statements of famous leaders and gave his opinion alongside, and sometimes he battled with the supporters of Rainbow DPs. In other words, he was such a reliable platform for news and updates than I hardly needed any other source to know what is going on in my country.