Note: Strong language. Readers discretion is advised 

There was yet another murder that took place in Pakistan in the name of honor recently. It wasn’t a girl who chose to marry the person of her own choice, or a girl who did not want to marry the man her parents chose, or the girl who was caught talking to a boy on her cellphone.

This time, it was the murder of popular social media diva Qandeel Baloch . Like in most cases, her own family member (her brother this time) strangled her to death while she was sleeping. The coward chose a time when she would be least likely to fight back.

Some are saying that it was not an honor killing but rather a dispute about money. I guess they should have a conversation with her killer brother Waseem who had this to say:

“She was bringing disrepute to our family’s honor and I could not tolerate it any further. I killed her around 11.30pm on Friday night when everyone else had gone to bed.”

Thus honor killing.

However, this piece is not about Qandeel Baloch but rather the society she lived in; the people who raised her up only to push her down. The people who buzzed around her like sticky flies only to fling mud. The people who preached religion to her and told her she should be killed in the same breath.

Here are some gems that went around:

'I am not condoning what happened to her, I mean murder is wrong but she was asking for it.'

(Like how? Did she politely request people to kill her? How does one ask for it?)

 'She paid the price.'

(Price of? Perverts ogling her 24/7?)

'She deserved it.'

(So you are saying murder is a perfectly acceptable thing then?)

'Oh no, now she was killed, people will start thinking of her as a heroine and all our girls will like nudity.'

(You certainly have your priorities in order! There is more to women then just their clothes, you know.)

'Although she was a disgrace… she should not have been killed.'

(I have no idea whether you are on her side or not…. Are you saying she should have been killed but no. Yes? No? Maybe?)

'This is what happens to girls who to go out of their homes.'

(Uhm, she was killed at home….by her own brother!)

Personally, I feel everyone in the society is to blame for her death, not just the murderer.


Uhm..that fell flat on its face. The ‘society’ is actually owning up to her murder or rather the condoning lady here.

Maybe for you Mr. Murderer Wannabe, but her family could have ignored her, or even disowned her. It’s not like she even used their name. However, let’s hope the ‘younger’ people don’t agree with your sickening way of thinking.


Nope, not much better!


Well, this Ahmed Mallick seems promising, he is just saying he never liked her and she is not a good Muslim. Definitely, better than others!



Wait... so you did like her then… You wanted to see her strip for you but are still happy she was killed? The sickness in your head, what is it called?

South Africa? I gather you know all the good bars where women dance there then? And she’s the one with the cheap mentality?

Also, being a mother is a crime now? What about her husband beating her the whole time they were married. That is okay?


Really? How much porn do you watch to be able to make such a conclusion by just seeing a picture?You must be one of the people who pushed up Pakistan in the “most porn watched” survey.

Are you against Qandeel here, or people who actually have this issue? Or her husband? Or are you just projecting?

Well, she was killed by her brother instead. Happy now? It’s what you wanted right? For her to die because she did not conform to the way you wanted her to live.

I have to hand it to you, at least you are honest about watching dirty dances with popcorn.

I really don’t understand why our people hate QandeelBaloch so much. They watch Bolywood item numbers with glee and a very disturbing smirk. They watch Game of Thrones just for the ‘scenes.’ Then why such a problem with Qandeel?

They could have just ignored her, it really is not that hard. However, I should not be hard on them; it’s just one single woman they hate. It’s not like they hate every woman out there. They must have really good reasons even if I don’t understand them.


Didn’t Malala open schools for girls in Pakistan? Doesn’t she work for the equal rights for all? Doesn’t she emphasize on education? What is happening here!

Low cheap class? Malala? She is the youngest NobelPrize winner in the world. She is one of the reasons why the world looks up at us! If anything it is the likes of you who is hurting the image of Pakistan.

And hurting Islam? How?

I do wonder where yours and everyone else’s hateful comment were when the kids in Kasur were raped? When the girls were burnt alive in the name of honor. When acid was thrown on the faces of women. When Alisha was killed in Peshawar because the hospital would not treat her like a human being. I hope you do realize, it’s people like you who make Islam look bad.

And so I understand now, you have a problem with women who don’t wear the clothes you want them to, and also little girls who help the children in Pakistan.

This was a reply to when she posted pictures of little kids in her family. You call her dirty and cheap but this comment and everyone else who liked it are the ones with the dirty rotten minds. The least you can do is change your profile picture of Edhi sahab. He would never say such things or even think of stooping to such levels.

Yup, this is exactly what a good ‘naik Muslimah’ is supposed to sound like. Instead of guiding others, you curse them. Since you are so obsessed with gunah and all, please do tell me where it says you will be rewarded for being judgmental and talking down in such a manner. I am just asking but weren’t we told to be humble and patient?

And then came the other people who obviously had never sinned or done anything bad in their lives, upholding religion.

So who really is the one who was making Pakistan look bad?

Qandeel, who was simply part of show biz and wanted to be noticed and make a career, or the person who made lewd comments at her?

Qandeel, who was simply ambitious or the person who told her how he would kill her?

Qandeel, who was bold and said what she wanted and never lied about who she was or the hypocrite who spent hours staring at her pics and then cried about religion?

Qandeel, who never hurt anyone or asked anyone to or the person who repeatedly expressed happiness in her murder? 

Qandeel, who still provided for her family or her brother who killed her over honor?

Qandeel Baloch 's life underscored societal hypocrisies. Her death has completely laid them bare.