BAHAWALPUR:- The Bahawalpur district has managed to produce 13 percent more cotton bales for the current season than the last year. Total 1.366 million cotton bales were produced in the district this year.

The figures were shared during a meeting of the district agriculture advisory committee here Monday, which was chaired by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ayub Khan. According to District Agriculture Profile, the Bahawalpur district comprises 1514784 acres of land, out of which 1062573 acres is plantable and 452211 acres uncultivable.

The meeting was informed that Cholistan consisted of 4266000 acres of land, with 41000 acres  consisting of forests.

The advisory committee was told that the target for cultivation of cotton for the fiscal year 2018-19 was set for 742700 acres of land which was achieved 100 percent. According to the Cotton Ginning report, 1036066 cotton bales were produced. Pest scouting officials informed the meeting that 26035 acres area of the district had been supported by the pest spray.

The meeting was also informed that a bag of Engro DAP Fertiliser was sold in Rs 3270, Fatima DAP Fertiliser in Rs 3220 per bag, FFC Urea in Rs 1561 per bag , Engro Urea in Rs 1561 per bag, Engro NG in Rs 2357 per bag, CAN fertiliser in Rs 1312 per bag, FFC SOP fertiliser in Rs 3475 per bag while a bag of FFC MOP fertiliser was sold in Rs 2310 in the district.

The meeting was also informed that a fine of Rs 0.150 million was imposed on shopkeepers for selling fertilisers over fixed rates.