In order to make the country’s police strong and effective as an institution, it may be important to centralize the our police. The police chief should be in command of the entire police of Pakistan, and pass orders to provincial police officers, who should report back to him. I believe this change will bring many positive results.

Centralization of the police would help in reducing the influence of politicians over provincial police chiefs. Police officers have claimed, on several forums, that political interventions hinder their attempts at policing effectively. Once the police department is integrated, they will be liable to answer to the head of the country’s police but not to the provincial administration. It will be hard for politicians to use the police officials for their own interests when a centralized and strong police will exist.

Uniformity may then be seen in the police throughout the country. At the moment, there are differences in policemen's salaries in different provinces, and police officials complain about this repeatedly.  The issue of salaries and other perks and privileges will be addressed as well, when the police will be treated as a centralized department and same salaries will be given to policemen everywhere in Pakistan.

There have been several incidents - primarily of terrorism - when the army has been called upon for help. It is the police’s duty to curb terrorism in the country. Why is the army much stronger as an institution? This is because the army is a well structured department under the leadership of a General. No disparity is seen in terms of salaries and privileges in the army. Its disciplined nature helps the army achieve which the country’s police fail to accomplish.

Societies evolve and things never remain the same. Therefore, we should take steps to bring about positive changes, instead of negative ones. The country, nowadays is passing through a critical phase. Terrorism is widespread. The law and order situation is ever deteriorating. New measures should be adopted if previous ones have failed. By centralizing the police, the overall performance of Pakistanis could positively be expected to improve. The discipline and uniformity in the police under the leadership of a police chief will help in achieving the policing objectives and will make the department strong and reliable: a true front line force against all of the society's ills.