Kaukab Noorani Okarvi came on TV and said that anyone who talked about Ahmadis or the blasphemy law should be killed (shot). His words were:

“ussi muqaam par ussey goli maar di jaaye”

But before we get to that, please tell me one thing, when a child does something or says something wrong or even throws a tantrum, what does the parent do? Does he shoot the child? Or does he try to reason and explain to him? Isn’t that the job of the parent? To patiently guide?

So what is the purpose of a scholar in an Islamic society? He is supposed to be the parent of the people of the nation. He is the person who is supposed to teach us all.

He is supposed to make sure he teaches us about harmony, to bring about peace, to teach about tolerance. He is supposed to hold us together as people.

When the scholar instead divides us and incites people to murder, he has failed miserably in every aspect there is; as a scholar, as a parent, as a guide, as a Pakistani, and even as a human.

A ‘man of God’ who tells others to take the life of a person who God himself has created? Would God himself approve of such a person?

Does the verse 5.32 in the Quran not say: 

“Whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

Who gave the power to these scholars to tell others to kill anyway?

This is nothing more than the arrogance of ‘Man’ who refuses to listen to another. God is not arrogant and does not need a mere human to pretend to be Him, which is exactly what these scholars do. They use religion to stroke their own egos and to push power over others.

“Allah ki marzi hogi” is the one of the most popular justifications when something goes wrong in our country. So where does this “Allah ki Marzi” disappear to when religious differences come about.

Kaukab Okarvi came on TV One Global and pretty much said that cold-blooded murder is okay. This is not only a failure on his part on being a scholar but also against the law of Pakistan.

This is a criminal offence - PPC: 503 -508 and under Sec 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

“If I don’t agree with you, you shall be killed. If you speak up, you should be killed!” pretty much sums up what he is saying to everyone.

His words alone tell us all that he is above the law!

Is he a scholar or a don or a goon? A religious goon?

He has not only threatened Hamza Ali Abbasi but every single citizen of Pakistan with his words. The only people who will side with him are the equally violent who care nothing about human life but rather just about being right.

PEMRA sent a notice when a TV drama highlighted child abuse, they sent a notice when a TV show showed the reality of Mullah mentality when he abused and tried to beat a journalist.

Where are they now when someone is enticing others to kill on TV?

As preachy as it sounds, this is the time for Pakistanis to stand together and show that we will not be threatened by thugs. Today he disagrees with Hamza and wants him killed, tomorrow it will be you.

It really is the time we took our country back from these Mullahs and made it Jinnah’s Pakistan the way it was intended to be.

For now please call PEMRA to take notice:

Absar Alam

Chairman of PEMRA

Off: 051 910 7105/ 7101

Mobile: 0300 8555 378