LAHORE: A group exhibition of calligraphy titled “Quat” featuring artwork of 13 calligraphers was held at Ejaz Art Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition displayed the traditional style of calligraphy and included a collection of remarkable calligraphic work that focused on the beauty and sublimity of Islam through art.

The artists whose work was showcased at the exhibition were Aamir kamal, Amin Ul Hasanat, Arif Khan, Jamshed Qasier, Javed Qamar, Munib Ali, Mussarat Arif, Noreen Akhtar, Saeed Akhtar, Shahid Rana, Ufaq Ehsan, Zulfiqar Ali and Zulqarnain.

Describing his artwork, Jamshed Qaisar said, “My work is based on abstraction and reflection on traditional calligraphy. The inspiration came from Iranian calligraphic fonts such as Shikasta and Moalla. I have been working on traditional fonts including Thuluth, Naskh, Dewani and Kufi,” he said.

Zulqarnaiin whose work was showcased at the exhibition said that through different experimentation, my artwork came to a point where I started diffusing the calligraphic words by creating an illusion.

“As one draws closer to the artwork, multiple layers of the quranic text seem visible. I used gold and silver leaf which gave another meaning to the art form,” he said.

Artist Arif Khan was of the view if painting is music then I play it on my canvases. My calligraphic symphonies run in low keys, smoothly. I subtly divided space by writing small pieces around the focal point and fill the focal point with a large word.

Musarat Atif, a calligrapher showcased her kufi art pieces in the exhibition. Her artwork appears in squares and circular shapes, highlighted by bright red, green, blue, ochre and black. The arcs and loops ovals and circles, vertical and horizontal lines were used as designs in her artworks. She selected warm, earthy tones, which gave a calm, subtle feel to her painting.

Professor Saeed Akhter’s contribution on the development of art in Pakistan can hardly be matched. He is undoubtedly a classic master. His observation, mastery of skills with his imagination has produced the most remarkable works. In this work of calligraphy, he successfully managed to achieve the effect of warm, resonant colors.

The painting allowed the viewer to read the verses and then get mesmerized by the warm strokes of palette.

The exhibition will continue till 24 June.