MARDAN - In the light of the orders of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govern­ment, the district administration has decided to go for smart lock­down in five areas of the district for 14 days to control the current situation of coronavirus.

It may be noted here that the National Command and Opera­tions Centre (NCOC) the other day had identified 20 cities including Mardan across Pakistan with po­tential Covid-19 hotspots using a strategy termed as ‘testing, trac­ing and quarantining (TTQ).

This strategy involves ramping up Covid-19 testing followed by rapidly tracing the contacts of con­firmed positive cases, and effec­tive quarantining of positive and suspected cases.

Deputy Commissioner Muham­mad Abid Wazir on Tuesday im­posed smart lockdown in five ar­eas of the district for 10 days from 10 am.

The areas mentioned in the no­tification are Sector A. Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT) included by 60 houses, total number of cases 10, number of active cases 7 while one person died. Janabad near Dwasaro chowk included 30 hous­es, total number of cases 9, active cases 7 while one person died.

Bijlighar near Dwasaroo Chowk included by 25 houses, total num­ber of cases 10 actives cases 6 while one person died. Daman Koh at tehsil Takhatbhai included by 60 houses, total cases 10 active cases 7 and Katlan bazzar included by 38 houses, number of cases 15 active cases 12 while one person died.

According to the notification these areas will be closed for en­try and exit during the smart lock­down imposed due to the rapidly spreading corona cases there.

Only grocery stores, medical, general stores, ovens and emer­gency service stores will remain open in these areas.

Violators of the declaration will be prosecuted under sections 17 and 18 of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Epidemic Control and Emergen­cy Relief Ordinance or section 33 of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Act.

The locals of these areas can purchase essential items before 10am today.