PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Education Akbar Ayub Khan has sought report from the education au­thorities towards improving the conditions of the worst schools of Kohistan and Chitral districts, and also directed the publication of a walk-in interview ad­vertisement for teachers in schools, especially to meet the shortage of female teachers.

He said that the work will be done on an emergen­cy basis in Kohistan and Chitral districts to fulfil the shortage of schools, improve the conditions of the schools and reduce the shortage of teachers.

He was chairing a meeting for the educational im­provement of Kohistan and Chitral districts.

Akbar Ayub said that Kohistan would be given a special package and these projects would be in­cluded in the IDP while arranging their accommo­dation in consultation with the district government to address the problems of female teachers accom­modations.