DADU                      -              More than 12 people, including women and children, were hospitalized after bitten by stray dogs in different parts of the district on Monday.

As per reports, those bitten by dogs included Muhammad Khan, Aslam, Ali Khan, Asad, Liaquat Ali, two-year-old Shifa, and Tariq Ali Sehto.

Relatives of the victims have complained that despite making complaints to the authorities about the presence of stray dogs in their localities, they turned a blind eye to their pleas.

They further said that despite the fact that stray dogs had always been a headache, the issue had become more aggravated following an increase in their numbers.

The situation had come to such a pass that attendance at schools has dropped, they told the media.

It is to be mentioned here that more than 700 cases of dog bite have been reported from the district during the last two months.

They further told the newsmen that injection for the victims of snake bite was not available at the Dadu Civil Hospital.