LAHORE  (PR)   Sahara for Life Trust held an international level event related to fund raising at Royal Nawab, London. More than 450 participants attended the event.

The attendants of the event hailed Sahara for Life Trust for its welfare services that are being rendered for wellbeing of community while donating a total sum of £100,000 altogether as well as committing to further donate £140,000 annually.

The event was aimed at laying foundation stone of Sahara Cancer Hospital. The construction of cancer hospital, which is the third mega project of Sahara for Life Trust, has been initiated.  The patients suffering from cancer have to wait for months owing to the lack of resources and continuously growing number of cancer patients.

As a result, around 600,000 patient die annually without being getting diagnosed. Owing to the situation, the Sahara for Life Trust has decided to erect a cancer hospital in Narowal to carry out treatment of every type of cancer. Expenses of treatment can be further reduced by utilizing already available facilities of CT scan, MRI, and Memo graphy along with facilities of diagnostic lab in SughraShafi Medical Complex. While acting upon the thought, construction of Sahara for Life Trust Cancer Hospital has been started. SughraShafi Medical Complex in Narowal has catered to the needs of 3.7 million patients with the help of funds donated by public. In addition, keeping in view the growing demand for doctors, Allied Health Sciences project was also initiated last year after medical college which is conducting 5 year program in Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Physical Therapy along with 4 year program in Biotechnology, M.I.T and R.I.T. Please donate your funds to Sahara for Life Trust for free treatment of deserving patients in already built hospital and for construction of Cancer Hospital so that precious lives of thousands of patients may be saved.