The USA is pushing the entire world towards catastrophic devastation in the name of war on terror. This war is nothing but a wild fire which is going to engulf very soon every nook and corner of this hi-tech world. Just have a look at the deserted streets of Iraq, the barren mountains of Afghanistan and the shattered socio-economic structure of Pakistan, you would easily feel the impending doom. For the last ten years, the US authorities have been trying to mislead the world by naming this war as a global war on terror but now it has become very much evident that the GWT is in fact war against Muslims. It is a war against Islam. This frightening state of affairs is alarming not only for the American Muslims but also for those who project the image of USA as a secular state. The conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims in the West is nothing new. Christianity has always remained highly politicized against other religions especially Islam. The Christian priests have always been very active in spreading hatred against Muslims and Islam. After 9/11, the people in the western world and the USA got curious to know more about Islam and thus they started reading Quran. This inclination towards the holy Quran and the message of Islam created a panic in the minds of western political leadership and particularly in the minds of the church authorities. So they started using all their zeal and zest in wagging a propaganda war based on misinformation and disinformation against Islam. It is the result of this propaganda war that today the lives of the Muslims in the west and particularly in the USA are constantly in danger. They are being deprived of all their human rights and privileges. A few months back a prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent a letter to President Obama seeking action on concerns that Muslim travelers wearing religious head scarves, or hijab, are facing mistreatment at airports and they are automatically singled out for additional security measures. The CAIR letter to Obama referred to the complaint of a Muslim woman, who had a Canadian passport. She was detained for questioning at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, during which she was allegedly shouted at and made to feel like a terrorist. All Muslims are not terrorists as all Christians are not anti-Islam or Anti-Muslims. Islam is a peaceful philosophy based on moderation and self-control and has nothing to do with extremism and terrorism. It rejects extremism in all its forms and shapes. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, November 14.