JAISALMER : India has told Pakistan to limit the number of passengers on the cross-border Thar Express to 700. According to Indian Railway officials, this comes after officials had a tough time handling over 1,100 passengers at the Munabao station on October 26th. An additional coach had to be sent from Barmer to bring the passengers to Jodhpur.

Customs and security agencies also had a tough time providing security as the train reached Jodhpur after 11-hour delay.

Jodhpur divisional Railway Manager Rajeev Sharma said the Munabao station has a capacity of just 700 passengers. Infact, only a fixed number of officials are deployed to handle them.

Immigration and Customs clearance takes more time and passengers face problems due to the rush.

Karachi Railway Divisional Superintendent Naseer Ahmad was accordingly told not to send over 700 passengers.

The number of passengers going to Pakistan is kept under control, they said.