Marina Khan , a popular actress who emerged as the most lovable celebrity in the '80s, and who has earned her name as a fine director as well is mostly praised for four to five drama serials, namely Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop Kinare, Nijaat, Tum Se Kehna Tha, Jackson Heights and Parosi. In fact, while referring towards Marina Khan , people even forget the latter four and focus on Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan due to their matchless popularity. However, there is a misconception that it is only in three to four drama serials that Marina Khan has performed, and a number of her works are not brought under consideration.

Here is a list of those neglected drama serials:

Rashid Minhas

Marina Khan’s first drama serial, Rashid Minhas was directed by the man behind Tanhaiyaan, Shehzad Khalil. What most people believe is that Tanhaiyaan was her first play but that is not so. She made her first appearance in Rashid Minhas and played the role of the lover of the title character, a PAF pilot officer on whose life the drama was based.


Ehsas was a long play written by Shahid Kazmi in which Marina Khan played the role of a teacher of Rahat Kazmi’s children who are maltreated after their mother’s death. The rest of the cast also comprised of mature and popular actors like Sabeeha Khanum, Dur-e-Shahwar Rahim, Khalid Anum and Hameed Wyne.


Kohar, released in 1991, was written by Haseena Moin, but unfortunately failed to become as popular as other Haseena Moin scripts due to its unique story line not meant for laymen. Marina played the role of a neglected girl who falls in love with a guy from abroad, played by the then popular model Junaid Butt. Shakeel, Jamshed Ansari, Fauzia Wahab and Fareeha Altaf also acted in this seven episoder serial.

Farar and Abba, Amma aur Ali

Farar and Abba, Amma aur Ali were two telefilms produced in the late '90s. They were directed by Mehreen Jabbar. The former was a feminist play in which Marina acted alongside Shabir Jan as her lover and Huma Nawab and Sania Saeed as her dear friends. The latter was based on the problems of a single mother whose husband Faisal Rehman lives abroad and is not able to understand the problems of his wife and kid.

Tum hi Tou ho

Tum hi Tou ho, wriiten by Mohammed Ahmed and produced by Humayun Saeed, not only had Marina Khan as the actress but was also directed by her. It was a light, sweet drama serial shot abroad and aired in the early 2000s.

Khaali Haath

Khaali Haath happens to be the most ignored work because it went away unnoticed even at the time when it was aired. Neither the writer is known nor the director. Khaali Haath was probably a poor production which completely failed.

Kaise Kahoon

The drama was directed by Sahira Kazmi who left the industry in 1999 and was the lady behind the highly famous Dhoop Kinaare. Marina had previously worked with her in Nijaat and Tum Se Kehna Tha as well. Kaise Kahoon had a star-studded cast like Nida Kazmi, Adnan Siddique, Rahat Kazmi and Anoushey.


Bewafaiyaan was also an ARY production and was written by the actor Sajid Hassan. The two had appeared together before in Dhoop Kinare as well. This was another play of theirs and the cast comprised of popular models and actors like Iman Ali, Zainab Qayyum and Meekal Zulfiqar.


Tanha was an Indian drama serial aired on Starplus written by Haseena Moin. This was a joint production of India and Pakistan. Shot in India and aired on an Indian channel, it was scripted by a Pakistani writer and two Pakistani actors, Marina Khan and Sajid Hassan were invited to perform along with Indian actors, hence making it their third play together. This, however, was aired years before Bewafaiyaan, probably in the year 1997.

Wafa Ke Mausam

The releasing year of this drama serial is not known, but from the look of Noman Ejaz and Sameena Peerzada in it, it seems to be a piece from the early 2000s. It had a huge cast including Jamshed Ansari, Behroz Sabzwari, Khalid Ahmed, Nida Yasir and Mona Lisa as well. Prior to this, Marina had also worked with Jamshed Ansari and Behroz Sabzwari in Tanhaiyaan, hence making Wafa ke Mausam her second project with them. It was directed by Bakhtiar Ahmad and written by Naheed Sultana Akhtar.