KHANEWAL-Khanewal has become a hub and safe haven for car and motorcycle thieves. It is almost impossible to get an FIR registered after theft of car or motorcycle in district Khanewal, Latif, a resident of Mianchanu, said.

He said that he had caught a thief with the help of his companions. The suspected thief identified as Nadeen was trying to steal his car, with his two companions. Latif called 15 police and handed him over to the police of City Mianchanu. According to him, ASI Asghar of PS City Mianchanu released the thief without any inquiry.

When, he said, he went to front desk for registration of an FIR, the ASI threatened him with dire consequences. Later, he gave an application to DPO Khanewal. Waseem, a resident of Colony No 3, is one of those who are unable to get their FIRs registered for their stolen motorcycles. Citizen Yousuf said that he was unable to get an FIR registered of even a robbery incident. According to him, robbers looted Rs50,000 on gun point when he was passing through civil lines area, which is considered as the most safe area of Khanewal.

As far as investigation of crimes is concerned, none of the robbery incident of recent past was resolved, he said. Last month, a trader of grain market was robbed of one million rupees and robbers did firing. The same day, a citizen of Mianchanu was robbed of more than Rs1.3 million but police remained unable to trace the perpetrators.

According to traders, police didn't register robbery incidents to show less crime rate. According to traders, if the police were unable to trace these robbers, the robbers would get courageous. Traders demanded that the newly-posted DPO take early note of these incidents. People of the Khanewal appreciated the action of DPO ZAHID NAWAZ as he dismissed corrupt police men from service.