ISLAMABAD - The MQM-P is all set to submit applications in the National Assembly, the Sindh Assembly and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to de-seat MPs, who after leaving their party joined the Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP).

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P)’s nine lawmakers including one MNA have so far left the party and joined PSP led by former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal.

Lawmakers including Irtaza Khalil, Muhammad Dilawar, Nadeem Rizvi, Sheikh Abdullah, Bilqees Mukhtar, Mahmood Abdul Razaque, Sagheer Ahmed and Iftikhar Ahmed were elected from provincial assembly on the tickets of the MQM.

One MNA Asif Hasnain also parted ways and joined the PSP.

The resignations of two members, Sagheer Ahmed and Iftikhar Ahmed were accepted in 2016 and re-election took place on these vacant seats but rest of the members are still occupying the seats even after leaving the MQM-P.

The main lawmakers from the MQM-P have time and again expressed serious concerns over the disgruntled party members for joining Mustafa Kamal’s party.

These members were also issued warnings by the MQM-P and given the choice to rejoin the party or tender resignation from their seats.

“[The] MQM-P has now clearly announced that former members should rejoin party. Otherwise, applications in National Assembly, Sindh Assembly and ECP will be moved this week to de-seat them,” MQM-P lawmaker Ali Raza Abidi shared with The Nation.

Abidi hinted that those party members might also be given party tickets for the upcoming elections 2018.

“Applications will be submitted in a week so these lawmakers have limited time now,” said the MQM-P MNA.

To a question, he said that his party members in different ways have been asked to join the PSP.

“We [MQM-P lawmakers] will not succumb to any pressure rather asking former party colleagues to join back in case they want to retain their seats,” he remarked. When contacted, Asif Hasnain (MQM MNA who joined PSP) said that he had tendered resignation on 5 September 2016 from MP’s seat.

“I faxed my resignation but it was not accepted,” he said, adding that all the lawmakers of MQM-P should also tender resignation on moral ground as they had taken vote in the name of former party leader Altaf Hussain.

The MQM-P lawmakers had dissociated with party’s chief Altaf Hussain over his controversial statement.

The party divided into MQM-P and MQM-London.

The MQM-London led by Altaf Hussain had issued a very strict statement for showing disassociation with him.

“All those who announced disassociation with Altaf Hussian should submit their apology to founder of the movement,” MQM Rabita committee convenor (London office) Nadeem Nusrat, had reportedly said.

Altaf Hussain himself asked his former party colleagues (MQM-P) to tender resignations from assemblies as they had taken vote in his name.