Bajaur   -  The district administration on Friday arrested several vendors for profiteering and hoarding of essential commodities in Bajaur tribal district. 

Taking to reporters, Khar Sub-Division Assistant Commissioner Fazal Raheem said that the vendors were arrested from Khar bazaar during a surprise raid conducted by a team of senior officials of the administration.

The official who led the action told that at least seven dealers of various commodities were arrested for profiteering and hoarding.

The AC said the district administration on the special directives of provincial government had accelerated its activities to keep a close watch on the traders who are involved in profiteering and hoarding in order to bring down the prices of essential items in the district. 

In this connection, the official said several teams consisting of senior officials were formed to monitor the prices of daily used items.

He added that the administration had already directed all the vendors to display official price lists on their shops.