KARACHI   -   Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday barred Sindh government from conducting an entry test for MBBS admissions which was scheduled to be held on 18th October for the year of 2021.

A two-member bench of the SHC, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Arshad Hussain Khan, heard a petition filed by students through their counsel advocate Jibran Nasir against the contradiction of Sindh and Federal government over conducting entry test for MBBS separately.

During the hearing, it was told that Sindh government and universities were in conflict regarding conducting of test on 18th October.

The court expressed displeasure over Sindh government and universities and remarked that Sindh government and the federation had made the issue of entry tests an issue of ego.

“What is the problem in postponing entry test for 10 or 12 days if exams could be postponed due to rains and covid19,” Justice Mazhar questioned.

The future of 30,000 students should not be put on stake for ego by the federation and Sindh government, the court remarked.

The court ordered that it might be told within 30 minutes whether the test was postponed or not. The court adjourned the hearing for 30 minutes after ordering this to Additional Advocate General. The counsel of the petitioner told the court that private institutions were going to take entrance tests on Sunday. At which, the court asked that this notification was issued long ago. Why have you come so late?

Let your petition be answered, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar asked the petitioner’s lawyer. The petitioner’s counsel informed the court that 30,000 students would be taking the test on Sunday. He stated that KP had also postponed the exam; Sindh should also postpone the exam. The Federal government did not consult Sindh before enacting legislation, Additional Advocate General Shehryar Mahar argued.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar observed that candidates were being harmed in the dispute between the provincial and Federal governments. This was an issue of the future of more than 30,000 children. Justice remarked while arguing with Additional Advocate General.

“For now, postpone this test and extend the date,” the court directed the parties, adding, If the Federal and provincial governments have to discuss the matter, let them do so.

“But do not make problems for the future of children,” Justice Mazhar remarked.

The court remarked that Test cancellation was not happening first time; tests of NTS have been canceled before, Justice Mazhar said. “No one has to worry about children,” the court observed, adding, both sides have raised the issue of ego.

Additional Advocate General Shehryar Mahar argued that a week ago the Federal government passed a new law regarding the entry test so the postponement of the test would be a big problem.

He argued that with the postponement of the test, everything including the question paper would have to be made new. The Advocate General asked for half an hour for consultation on postponing the test.

The petitioner stated that different universities of the province and the federation have announced separate dates for the entry test for admission in MBBS.

The federation has issued syllabuses for the entry test while the province has not yet been informed about the test, the petitioner said. The province is conducting tests for admission in public and private universities, the applicant said.

The petitioner said after the abolition of PMDC, a dispute had arisen between the federation and the province over the admission of MBBS. “There is great uneasiness among the students due to the controversy over MBBS admissions,” the petitioner stated before the court.

The petitioner requested the court that admission policy in MBBS should be sought from the federation and the province.

Later, the court barred the Sindh government from taking the entrance test on October 18 and remarked that the entry test could not be taken till the final decision of the petitions.

The court, later, adjourned the hearing till 22 October after issuing the notice to Advocate General of Sindh.