LAHORE - Good business companies take pride in constantly improvising their strategies according to the demands of customers and surely Ufone is one of them. The company is pioneer in many respects and known for introducing newer technologies.

Ufone in Pakistan is pioneer in providing two numbers in one sim. So far no other operator in the country has achieved this feat and only a few operators in the region are able to accomplish this technical milestone. Interestingly, all features of primary number are available in secondary number as well.

Technically speaking, once subscribed through text message or dialing a specific number (dialing *66# from the Ufone number or sending SUB to 660) the system randomly generates a new number from the systems inventory and an SMS is sent to the subscriber confirming double number and instructions to dial 66 prior to dialing any number. For clarity it is pertinent to mention that only one double number will be allocated against your primary number and you do not have to subscribe for the service over and over again. Both prepaid and post-paid subscribers can avail the double number facility.

There are professionals in Pakistan that prefer segregation of official duties with domestic lives. For example personnel of law enforcing agencies, media personalities, civil servants, doctors and lawyers would opt to draw a line between their official duties and enjoying the freedom of their personal lives. For them the option of having another number in the same sim with all allied features and the facility of switching on or switching off according to one’s own free will is a welcome respite after a hectic day at their places of work.

Besides, saving customers from the hassle of keeping two mobile sets at the same time with them, the service gives the option to use Ufone double Number like the primary number without replacing the SIM card. Once you are subscribed to it, you are given the solution to have multiple MSISDN’s tied to one single SIM card. The trend follows the core issue of developing and applying an innovative subsidisation strategy.

That gives numerous advantages to its customers. There are various unique features of Ufone double number like nationwide calls, nationwide SMS, mytunes, billing on primary number, hourly package and call forwarding which were, hitherto, unknown in Pakistan.

By opting to have a secondary number, users will be freed to listen to their favourite tunes, subscribe hourly packages or receive bills at their primary numbers such tempting offers make it hard to refuse double number.