Political unrest and current floods badly hampered the economic activity in the country where government totally seen paralysed to control the situation.

Business community and economic expert strongly condemn the act of both parties and advise the concerns to resolve the issue with consultation for betterment of the country.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi Chairman AKD group told The Nation without addressing core issues of the masses we can’t avoid these situation that comes in term of sit-ins or other sort of agitation.

Motorways are not important as compared to dams, it would be better if government address this issue to turn the losses in profit. Stability was seen in the economy but if the prevailing situation further continues it would hurt reserves and economic stability of the country.

He said further depreciation in value of rupee would increase inflation in the country and situation would further worse.

Talking to The Nation, Majyd Aziz former President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry said government seen fail to manage the problems.

He gives credit to sit-ins and said that they exposed leadership of all political parties where no one have concern for the country. This situation also diverted more than 90 percent foreign investment from the country.

Majyd Aziz said most of the parliamentarian not willing to address the existing issues and distracted the public opinion from actual need of the country. Infrastructure development, rise in export, growth of foreign reserves are the actual demand of the country.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan Chairman Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association said that political turmoil in the country is not in favour of business community, he said and added that everybody should play his role for the development of the country.

He said end of terrorism, energy and gas shortfall from the country is the main agenda to develop the country as compared to the neighbouring states of the region.

Mukhtar said it is constitutional right of any government to complete its tenure, if people found any government poor in progress than they should reject them for next term. Postponement of Chinese’s president visit to Pakistan due to sit-ins in Islamabad is a big loss for country.

Mutaza Mughal an economic analyst informed The Nation that country suffers a loss of $1 billion during last six months and most of the investors have shifted to Gulf countries.

Especially the energy crisis, law and order and intervention of government institutions badly hurt the manufacturing sector in the country which further comes at stake after sit-ins continued in federal capital.

Sit-in is not the solution to address the issues but it brought negative impact of the country in international community. It is not the way to resolve these issues including energy crisis but it creates more instability that produces many problems in term of hunger and law and order situation in the country where we already surpass the fifty percent of the poverty line.