The social media is abuzz with praise for European governments that have agreed to accommodate a calculated number of refugees from Syria in their countries. Some posts would like to go so far as to give them virtual medals for their humanitarian values. It doesn’t seem to matter that the same governments have partnered with the US to engineer chaos and violence in Syria and its neighborhood for years, that they are the very reason for so many Syrians to leave their homes and become refugees in another land.

The US and its cabal of Nato and non-Nato allies, European democracies and Arab monarchies, are using terrorism as a tool to reach their declared objective of overthrowing the Assad government and they make no attempt to hide what they are up to. The refugees are a natural outcome of pursuing this barbaric policy and President Assad of Syria has put it brilliantly in a nut-shell: If you care about the refugees, stop supporting the terrorists. It is actually as simple as that.

The regime-change cabal, smelling Assad’s blood like hyenas on a kill, is unlikely to listen to reason though. How could they stop supporting terrorists after investing so much on their recruitment and training? How could they dump them after equipping them with expensive weapons and gadgets of war? How could they lay down their favorite tool of destabilization and regime change?

As for the refugees, they are meant to serve various purposes in the imperial scheme of things, and most of these purposes have little to do with their welfare. They are recruited as proxies to fight imperial wars and are systematically targeted for human trafficking. They are screened for utility and given asylum in calculated numbers or restricted forever in camps in neighboring countries for demographic destabilization and social experiments. Those responsible for their suffering pose as messiahs come to help them.

The Syrian refugees arriving uninvited on European shores these days are being paraded around as victims of President Assad’s brutality, bombed out of their homes by the Syrian armed forces. Ground is being prepared for another humanitarian intervention to save the Syrian people from their tyrant President who does such terrible things to his people. Remember Saddam Hussein? Remember Gaddafi? To understand the humanitarian nature of such interventions and their impact on local populations, picture Iraq today, picture Libya.

The US-led anti-ISIS coalition that is supposed to be fighting terrorists is not interested in cooperating with Assad’s forces that are actually battling the monsters on the ground. It is bombing Syrian territory instead without any authorisation by the UN. As Russia steps in to help President Assad control the menace of militant proxies unleashed upon the country, the ‘humanitarian’ west and its ‘civilised’ governments are raising a hue and a cry. Somehow it is not okay for Russia to support and arm the Syrian government in its fight against the terrorists while it is okay for them to support and arm the terrorists out to overthrow him, turning the life of Syrians to hell in the process.

We obviously live in a topsy-turvy world that needs a lot of tidying up. The empire’s so-called war against terrorism is clearly being used as a cover for spreading terrorism. The terrorist proxies weaned by the empire are gaining strength and territories though they should not stand a chance against its military might. These are no Frankensteins gone out of control. They are played like pieces of chess to achieve imperial objectives. In the case of Syria, the use of terrorist proxies by the empire is downright blatant.

There is a silver lining around this dark and dreary cloud though. While in the case of Iraq and Libya, Russia and China didn’t oppose the imperial interventions, they are not willing to sit in the stands and watch the empire bulldoze ahead with its violent and predatory plans for the world. Russia, especially, has stepped in and is making serious diplomatic efforts to salvage the situation. It has stepped up its support to the Assad government and is pushing for an alliance against the terrorists that works alongside the Syrian government. Quite a far cry from the US-led anti-ISIS coalition that is little more than a flimsy cover for supporting terrorists in order to oust the government of President Assad.

Russia’s President Putin is obviously aware of the strong odds against his initiative. Syria is surrounded by neighbours like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey that are deeply involved in the proxy war against the Assad government and Syrian people, assisting the empire in funding, training and arming the terrorists. But other than his clear-headed resolve to resist the empire, his determination to stand by the Assad government and his non-provocative and effective diplomacy, President Putin also has the march of time on his side.

Gone are the days when the empire could get away with its unilateralist badmashi. Even European governments are becoming edgy about the direction in which their Uncle Sam is pushing them. They are waking up to the fact that, at the end of the day, they must bear the major brunt of his bloody interventions. The war was brought to their doorstep in Ukraine. And now Syrian refugees are landing on their shores. The anti-war sentiment among the European citizens is growing as well. The Syrian refugees being funnelled from camps in Turkey to Europe these days is seen by some commentators as a staged operation to shore up the support for an attack on Syria.

The positive diplomacy relentlessly pursued by President Putin on several international issues seems to be paying off. He is making sense while Uncle Sam sounds like a mad man with delusions of exceptional grandeur and an insatiable hunger for war and perpetual mayhem. This is becoming obvious even to some European governments that have traditionally behaved like vassals of the US. Do they have what it takes to reign in their Uncle? That would make it easier to sort out the mess. But clearly, Putin’s Russia is not depending on it.