I always believe that finding a good place in a soothing ambience is based on luck and ones tendency to take risks. In a quest for good taste at a high-quality place, a person comes across many adventures and ‘foodies’ enjoy taking such risks.

‘Meat the Cheese’ is a restaurant which is not just an eating place but a true experience of fun attached with amazing food quality. When you enter through the brown pathway and make your way up to the dine-in place, you will fall in love with the combination of contrasting colours. The place might not be that big but the intelligently-done decor makes the place feel extremely spacious.

From pizzas to pastas, burgers to delicious cheese food; the place has it all. The menu itself has no soul, but the taste breathes life into the entire menu! I started with fresh ‘bold as barbecue’ and ‘crack pot pie’; I came to the conclusion that each dish in this place had its own distinguished aroma and taste.

The owner Mustafa Totana says that his family has been involved in other multi-dimensional businesses for a while and, specifically for the restaurant business, two years of research was done in terms of recipe and menu. Mustafa firmly believes there are many foodies in Lahore who are still in search of a place where they can enjoy a different range of cuisines under one roof at a very economical price.

Cheese is this place's speciality; once you enter the restaurant, you will adore the smell of cheese. While I was having my share of ‘crack pot pie’, I realized how it was different from the rest of the cuisines offered in Lahore. The freshly-baked vegetables and steak was deliciously combined with cheese and white sauce. According to the owner, the cheese, used by the restaurant, has been imported from Belgium and Switzerland.

This place has its strong footing when it comes to cheese and meat dishes; however, it’s not an absolutely perfect place. It lacks in desserts segment as I wasn’t completely satisfied with my ‘hot lava cake’ and I don't think that it served justice to the name. However, if you are a cheese lover, then this place will surely steal your heart. On this weekend, we strongly recommend that you visit ‘Meat the Cheese.’