During an interview with a private TV channel Javed Ahmed Ghamdi, when asked about Mashal Khan’s death said, “The whole nation is responsible for Mashal’s death.”

He criticised the religious scholars. “Our scholars and clerics have not paid attention in educating the masses. People are not taught how to behave and treat each other according to Islam. It is the responsibility of ulemas to tell people that their actions, provoking people in the name of Islam and spreading hatred are against the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and Allah.”

He further said, “In case someone had done blasphemy no one should be allowed to take law in their hands. The state should take action immidiately.”

Regarding the blasphemy law he said, “Blasphemous law is against the Quran, hadith and even fika-e-hanifi. Allah has never revealee this law. This law is an insult to Islam too.”

When asked what the state should do in such a situation Ghamdi said, “Our state is afraid of ulemas and emotions of people. If they take up this issue their seats would be in danger. But it’s time ulemas and politicians step forward to tackle this issue. They should tell the masses that blasphemy is against the Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings, it is not Allah’s message or Islam’s message.”

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi left Pakistan due to life threats. 3 of his close friends were killed too.