So where are all those ‘Ashiqan-e-Rasool’? Why are you guys hiding from police? Why don’t you just go present yourselves in front of the authorities? My question is simple: why ‘Ashiqan-e-Rasool' like you, who lynched Mashal Khan are in hiding or have to be arrested by police. 

I thought you guys are ‘true lovers’ of Prophet (PBUH), the ‘true devotees’, the ‘true followers’. That is why you did it, right? Why else?

There were hundreds of ‘Ashiqan’, but currently around 15 are under custody of police. Why did you leave your fellow 'Ashiqan’ alone in this hard time? Go and be with them and accept the glory, or the arrested might steal your thunder.

I, and many others, 'lesser Ashiqan’ saw your devotion and extreme ‘love’ for Hurmat-e-Rasool when you guys were jumping on the dead body of Mashal, dragging it like a trophy of your ‘love’ as you showed the ishq in your hearts, or may I say in your hands, legs, feet, tongues, and the rest of the body.

I am kind of sad for you guys that you did not get chance to kill Allama Iqbal for his blasphemous Shikwa. Yes, I know he wrote Jawab-e-Shikwa but he wrote it after four years. There was a time gap and you could have easily lynched him, like you torched Mashal. I can feel your pain that Iqbal got time for his Jawab-e-Shikwa and even became a national poet. My condolences, guys.

I am also sorry that, you guys were not there, when an old lady used to throw garbage on our Prophet (PBUH), because you guys would have wanted to show your ‘love’ for the Prophet (PBUH), although he himself forgave her and even took care of her. But your ‘love’ was way purer, I guess.

My sympathies, because you were not there, when Prophet (PBUH) forgave Hazrat Hinda (RA), who got Prophet (PBUH)’s dearest uncle Hazrat Hamza (RA) killed and ate his liver, because, you guys would have killed her, or may be would have lynched her, way before the forgiveness. Sorry for your loss, guys.

I will once again urge you guys, to come out, show and express your ‘love’ once again.

Go to authorities; or even better, go to parents of Mashal Khan , and tell them, what a pious job you guys have done – because they clearly don’t understand it. They are still saying that they had sent Mashal to study, and that their son was a good Muslim. But you guys should tell them, no, he was not, he was blasphemer, and that you guys killed him out of true ‘love’ without any verification, proof, evidence. Although Mashal had been complaining about a fake account on Facebook, but let us just forget all these things, small things, convince the parents, they will understand.

So, come on guys, don’t hide, and show some ‘love’, because you guys are ‘Ashqaan’ and world should know that.