KHANEWAL-Dozens of blind people held a protest demonstration for early release of their leader in district Khanewal on Wednesday.

They protested in front of the Kabirwala City Police Station against the “illegal” arrest of Qari Yousaf. They staged the sit-in and chanted slogans against the police. The protestors demanded immediate release of Qari Yousaf.

Younas, the brother of Qari Yousaf, said, “City police had summoned Qari and then trespassed on our house and arrested me along with my brother. Police switched off our cell phones and took both of us to an unknown place. There police physically tortured me. My brother Qari Yousaf requested to them that if they have any problem with him please release his brother. On his request the police released me but kept my brother in their custody.”

Against the arrest, the blind people from across the district protested in front of the police station and blocked the road to the police station. The protesters chanted slogans against Punjab police and demanded early release of Qari Yousaf. SHO Abdul Hai came to negotiate with the protestors but they refused to negotiate. They were of the view that oppression of weak people like them was a routine of the Punjab police. They said that protest would continue till the release of Qari Yousaf.

When contacted, the SHO said that he don’t know about the arrest of Qari Yousaf. “I did try to contact with the protestors to trace Qari Yousaf but they are not cooperating with the police,” he said. He was of the view that Qari was not required by the police.