MIRPUR (AJK)-The Jammu and Kashmir refugees sensitised AJK President Masood Khan to their grievances and demands during a meeting at his house here on Tuesday.

The delegation on the occasion informed the president of their issues which included: firstly, assurance that the Government of AJK to fully implement the 6% recruitment quota notified for refugees; secondly, resolving issues of fee reimbursement of refugee students under the Prime Minister of Pakistan Fee Reimbursement Program; thirdly, monetary assistance to students studying in medical colleges of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan; fourthly, complete implementation of the Charter of Demand presented by the Refugee Action Committee; and lastly, providing homes for the refugees at Satellite Town.

The members of the delegation expressed their satisfaction over the increase of living allowance announced by the Government of AJK and the revival of two special seats for refugees at Muzaffarabad Medical College. They also requested to the president that under the true spirit of quota the recruitment of refugees in the Police Department be made regular instead of temporary.

On the occasion, the president applauded the struggle and sacrifices of the refugees for the Kashmir cause. He said that Kashmiri refugees have always played their vibrant role in the Kashmir freedom movement. He was talking to a delegation representing the Kashmir Refugee Action Committee led by its Chairman Gohar Ahmad Kashmiri at the Presidency House

Addressing their issues and problems has always been the priority of the governments of Azad Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan, the president added.

He was briefed on various matters regarding Kashmiri refugees residing in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Members of the delegation thanked the AJK president for effectively advocating the Kashmir issue helping raise the profile of the conflict at the international forums.

Masood said, “We will never be intimidated by India’s machinations and manoeuvres in suppressing the freedom movement. The dark night of Indian oppression in Indian Occupied Kashmir will soon come to an end and the people of IOK will continue their struggle for ascertaining their right to self-determination.”

The president reassured that serious and sincere steps would be taken to ensure the acceptance of their demands. The president said that the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan stand by their refugee brothers and sisters and would make every effort to facilitate them.