It is a regretful fact that professional degree of B.Ed., which is an essential prerequisite for government schoolteachers, is going to be out of reach for a common person. In fact, at the time of recruitment of government schoolteachers. The new government policy states that incomplete B.Ed. will result in termination.

As a teacher, I want to put forth some ground realities of the sudden rise of semester fee of B.Ed. program of AIOU. There is no iota of doubt that AIOU has been providing great facility of distance education system for the common person.

Unfortunately, since 2017 AIOU has started four years B.Ed. after Intermediate, two and half years B.Ed. after bachelor and one and half year B.Ed. after completion of masters. Upon the inception of this program, AIOU increased the fee as twelve thousand for one semester. The recent fee hike had made B.Ed. extremely costly for a common person.

The admission fee has further increased the fee from 12000 to 19350 for one semester of B.Ed. In an inverse to this, B.Ed. before 2017 was not that costly completed my B.Ed. degree in 2011 with a fee of round about 8000 thousand.

As the economy of Pakistan is in state of imbalance due to numerous crises faced by the previous government of PPP and PML (N).In the meanwhile people, especially the lower middle class has been facing numerous economic and domestic problems.

I request Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa please take an urgent notice on this grave matter of fee hikes.

The teachers are nation builders and this burden of the fee is unbearable for the common person and already recruited teachers going through the process of B.Ed. to save their job and to save the minds of young ones from illiteracy.


Khushab, April 1.