LAHORE There were no bad affects of Indian movies which were being screened in Pakistani cinemas. Our new generation is very conscious, informative then how the Indian movies can affect our new generation. This was stated by famous poet, columnist and top rated ace playwright Asghar Nadeem Syed in a talk with The Nation. A good number of famous drama serials are on his credit. These days his drama 'Tum Ho Kay Chup is being aired from a private TV channel, which is very popular among the viewers. Asghar justified his statement by saying that Indian movies were being seen in every home of Pakistan on cable. These were also seen on DVDs in every home. No film is good or bad, it has to be screened. Our new generation have a vast vision and wisdom, how they can take bad affects from the Indian movies. It was not true that Indian movies were spreading bad affects in Pakistan. Every thing is not bad as we are facing a global competition. Indian society was far ahead from us and we should see them with open mind. He said we would have to change our mindset and should not close eyes like a cat. Rather we should face the world that how they were progressing, Asghar stressed. He said it was the right of the peoples to earn their livelihood and also the right of the cinema owners to earn even if Indian movies are screened. Very few films are being made in Pakistan and in this situation we should not be afraid if cinema owners are screening Indian movies. I have so many offers from the Indian side. Director Anees Bazmi, Anil Kapoors company and Javed Akhtar have asked me so many times to come to India and work with them. Now I have to see that how I can work with them. Boundaries are for the human beings and there were no boundaries for the film, music and literature, Asghar maintained. Asghar said when we write a book, it means we have written the book for the whole world. Like book, film is also for the whole world and the whole world see the movies. He said drama was passing through a difficult phase these days, but with the passage of time every thing will be settled. He said Pakistan was facing so many problems and we should select the social issues for dramas. About the Pakistan film industry Asghar said there was no film industry ever in Pakistan, there was also not good producers and good directors, there was no tradition of film and also there were no good studios and loboratories in Pakistan. Due to non existence of TV, their films had done business, Asghar said. Now we should not expect any good from the old Pakistani film makers. They should voluntarily leave this work due to whom, the Pakistani film industry has been ruined, Asghar justified. Now the new talented and educated youth should come forward. Those who were taking education of films, theatre and TV from the universities and other institutions. I am also teaching film, theatre and TV at a private university as the head of the department, he revealed. He said my students assisted Shoaib Mansoor in making of his blockbuster film 'Bol. They were able to do work, so they did work with Shoaib Mansoor. So things are growing gradually and the revolution would come one day and the educated youth would take the command of the film industry. Asghar said the real thing was education and for making a good film someone should be educated. While the present lot of the film makers do not want to take awareness. The financer who finances a film wants back his money and he has no trust on the present directors. He asked why the financer had run away from Pakistan film industry, because he knows that present lot can not recover his money. Shoaib Mansoor knows the work, he knows how to make a film that was the reason the financers were coming to him. The financer would give his money to that man who is wise and knows the work. Good dramas were being produced from Karachi and Lahore as the young guys, who were making dramas were very genius. Haseeb Hassan, Babar Javed and others are doing very good dramas. He said when we do not study, how can we produce and direct drama. 'Hawaian, 'Chand Grehan, 'Nijat, 'Ghulam Gardish, 'Doorian 'Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin and Piyaas were his most hit serials.