KASUR-Citizens are facing a great deal of inconvenience due to, 'what they called', the negligent Kasur assistant commissioner [AC] who mostly remains absent from her office.

Talking to The Nation, they said that hundreds of citizens had submitted applications and fees for the issuance of domiciles. They added that they had been paying frequent visits to the AC office for many days but to no avail.

A number of students were also among those waiting for their domiciles, but AC Amna Maudoodi had not signed their forms for the issuance of domiciles.

The candidates, who submitted their applications on August 7, had received their domiciles after two days. But those who submitted their applications after August 7 have not received their domiciles so far notwithstanding the AC had attended her office regularly during the period.

Angered over the AC's indifference to public problems, the applicants have demanded the authorities concerned take notice of the situation and post a hardworking AC so that their problems could be resolved.

This correspondent tried to approach the AC for her view about complaints against her but she was not in the office.

On the other hand, the resources of Tehsil Municipal Committee [TMC] are allegedly being looted with both hands.

The funds allocated for the launch and completion of development projects are embezzled before being exploited for the true purpose.

Corruption has deep-rooted in the TMC as everyone is busy making money through illegal means. Many councillors have protested against corrupt practices in the TMC.

Talking to The Nation, Opposition Leader in TMC Ch Imran Zeb Kamboh, and councillors including Zaid Hussain Sabri and M Amir Sabri said that Rs600 million were allocated every year for development works out of which Rs500 million were spent in payment of salaries and other matters.

"In Kasur City alone, Rs190 million are allocated each year for cleanliness. But dirtiness prevails everywhere in the city," they said, adding "Similarly, Rs120 million are spent annually on the supply of clean drinking water, but the citizens still clamour for potable water."

Social circles of Kasur City hold the TMC chairman responsible for the situation. They say that sanitary workers do not come to duty and draw salaries for sitting idle at homes.