TOBA TEK SINGH-A meeting of the bird hazard control committee was held on Friday at Shorkot Rafiqui Airbase with Air Commodore Imran Majid in the chair.

The meeting was also attended by police and administration officials from Toba, Jhang and Khanewal districts.

In his briefing, flight safety officer Hasan Bashir Dar said that when a bird collides with an airplane, it causes great loss to the plane and the pilots.

He added that due to sacrifice of animals on upcoming Eidul Azhal the birds would reach the areas located around Rafiqui Airbase to get the remains of the sacrificial animals.

Therefore, he advised, the citizens to properly dispose of the remains of the animals so that birds could not come to the area.

He also advised the public to keep clean their houses and streets as early as possible after the sacrificing of animals to save the planes from expected accidents.

The commander urged the participants to create awareness among the general public by making announcements through loudspeakers in the mosques for the purpose and help the PAF.