LAHORE-Zahid Ahmed takes on another challenging role in ‘Mein Na Janoo’. In this serial, Zahid is playing the role of a flight lieutenant male named Zulqarnain.

The drama ‘Mein Na Janoo’ is currently on air and has been very well received by the viewers.

Directed by Furqan Khan, it has been co-produced by Momina Duraid and Adnan Siddiqui under their home banners of MD Productions and Cereal Entertainment.

It consists of a very solid cast which includes Zahid Ahmed, AffanWaheed, Sanam Jung, and Komal Aziz. Veteran actors like Huma Nawab, Waseem Abbas, Sangeeta and Seemi Pasha who are also part of the cast bring a certain depth to the project.

Ahmed is now one of the most popular lead actors of the Pakistani drama Industry.

Beginning his television career with the drama serial ‘Mehram’ opposite Ayesha Khan as a lead protagonist, he achieved the height of his success when he impressed everyone by playing a negative role in the drama serial ‘Alvida’ which aired on Hum TV in 2015.

Zahid has also previously received the best actor award in a negative role during the 4th Hum Awards.

He established himself as a sought-after actor after his brilliant performances in ‘Jugnoo’, ‘Tum mere pass raho’ ‘Sangat’, ‘Zara Yaad Kar’ and ‘Besharam’.

In ‘Mein Na Janoo’ his role as ‘Zulqarnain’ is yet another challenging role and he has managed to give an excellent performance.

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An actor uses his eyes to convey his emotions and though that is one sense Zahid cannot use (on-screen) in this performance, as he is playing a visually impaired pilot, his performance itself is an ode to his talent.

Retired from Air Force, Zahid plays Sanam’s cousin, his character was given a good amount of screen space but at the same time, his character left us guessing about his past.

Fixated on his past, Zulqarnain exudes control over his surroundings, wanting each thing to be in the right place at the right time, unwilling to rely on anyone else. The intrigue around his story is a major hook for the audience.

Zulqarnain has been projected as an outwardly obsessive individual who has an ego issue and will go to any length to get what he wants.

On the other side,Affan Waheed as Nehat also seems to have visibly grey shades.

It seems that circumstances will essentially turn Nehat into a ‘complete psychopath’ with Saira caught in the middle of these men.

It’s amazingly interesting to watch this trio for the first time on our TV screens. Watch the story unfold further on Hum Tv and let’s see what more will each character bring to the drama serial.