Islamabad Intelligence agencies have submitted a complete report to the Interior Ministry regarding 414 non-diplomat Americans living in 284 houses in different sectors of the Federal Capital. According to a source in the intelligence agency, as many as 101 Americans are living in 69 houses in Sector F-5, 109 in 85 houses in F-7, 12 Americans living in Sector E-7. Whereas in the area of Aabpara Police Station, 64 Americans are living in 38 houses; in the area of Margala Police Station 108 Americans are living in 61 houses of F-8; one American living in a house in Sector G-8, 15 Americans living in 15 houses in the precinct of Shalimar Police station and 4 Americans living in 3 houses in the precinct of Industrial Area Police station. Sources told the nation that these Americans are named Special Americans and they are not American diplomats. Sources further told that complete record of these Americans and their activities are being updated and reported to the government.