Due to poor governance, the misery of the people has increased all over the country. The new government after making many promises is still not ready for any change in the system. The old police culture prevails and there is no improvement in performance and attitude of the police when dealing with the general public, robbery, theft, killing and fraud which are the order of the day. The local parliamentarians get police officials posted to their areas who act as their personal servants and also goons against their opponents.

The common man, who elected these MNA’ and MPA,’ has no access to them to bring an end to their local problems, so he is now paying the price. The archaic and thoroughly corrupt ‘Patwari’ culture prevails making it easier to illegally grab the poor man’s property and land; any complaints made against them fall on deaf ears. When the keeper become the ravisher who will provide justice.

In Mandi Bahauddin district there is a fleet of doctors but the performance of the health department remains deplorable. After giving basic medical aid, they refer the patients or wounded to Lahore hospitals while most of these patients die en route. The lower judiciary in the district has been virtually defunct, non-functional at best for the last so many months. Lawyers keep boycotting the courts and have become a law unto themselves. Litigants come to courts on fixed dates and go back without any progress in trial of their cases. There are cases where more than twenty years have passed while the verdict is still awaited.

If we see traders, it appears they are free to raise prices of commodities of daily use and there is no check on them. District administration has failed to bring stability in prices. Land and encroachment mafia continue their illegal activities with impunity. In cites, bazaars are occupied by handcarts and stalls, leaving very little space for traffic and pedestrians. On roads, both sides are encroached by workshops and shopkeepers which are great hurdle for traffic.

There are several committees at district level that include District Price Control Committee, District Vigilance Committee, District Peace Committee, District Legal Empowerment Committee and District Development Committee etc. Proceedings of their meetings are published in newspapers but on ground, reality is that no action is taken. Law and order situation is deteriorating, roads in the district have dilapidated due to lack of maintenance. No new development scheme is being initiated to repair these roads. Irrigation system is not providing authorized flow of water to farmers due to poor maintenance. No serious effort is made to ensure protection of life or property to the citizens. The common man is left to Allah for all the problems while all the government employees take hefty salaries as well as perks for doing nothing. How long will this go on?


Mandi Bahauddin, December 13.