KARACHI - Law enforcers have failed to eliminate the criminals from even a single town of the metropolis, but are blaming a ‘hidden hand’ for all the unrest in the town.

During the operation, the law enforcers avoid to target terrorists’ outfits, gangsters and even those political criminals who have ties with senior cops.

In Lyari, some external players are protecting both the gangs of Lyari and their gun battle has claimed hundreds of lives. Even after the split in Amman Committee, the law enforcers are still reluctant to enter the troubled areas of the town. The law enforcement agencies are more focused on crushing the land mafias in the operation which was originally initiated to curb the terrorists affiliated with outlawed terrorist organisations, politically-motivated target killers, extortion mafia and other hardened criminals.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that law enforcers were unable to tighten noose around the land grabbers because of the involvement of senior officials of of law enforcers. “It is beyond my powers to take action against a SP and a DSP found involved in land grabbing,” said the City police chief. Law enforcers named the parts of Lyari in their daily performance report but unable to enter in the troubled area where gang war has been continued.

The reported incidents of December pointed out that at least 13 people were killed and some 42 others, including women and children were wounded during the gang war. The rival groups use rockets, rifle rockets (Awan) and other sophisticated weapons. The tortured and decomposed bodies were still found from Lyari and its surrounding areas.

Recently, a woman was abducted by the gangsters and tortured for in search of her brother who is associated with the rival gang. She was managed to escape and lodged her complaint with the police.

Sources pointed out that the split of Amman Committee is in favour of the law enforcers and LEAs have now adopted the policy to enjoy the fight of both the gangs. A senior police officer deployed in the town said Noor Muhammad aka Baba Ladla joined hands with Arshad aka Papu successor Ghafar Zikri. He managed to capture various areas dominated by the gangsters operated by Uzair Jan Baloch. The coalition of Baba and Zikri was formed by the external players of the game.

Similarly, a specific group in the government is supporting Uzair and his supported gangs. The outside players are trying to safe their own gang to rule in Lyari. Police officers said it would be good for the law enforcers that both the gangs kill each other fighters. It is worth mentioning here that the LEAs had claimed to have arrested some at least 15 alleged gangsters during operation but the PPP ministers and legislators denounced the encounters and termed the killings extrajudicial.

District West and South contributed almost 80 percent in total crimes occurred in last two years but the areas and the groups operated in the areas were not on the preferences of the security agencies. Police high ups admitted on various occasions and even before the apex court also about the existence of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, dominated in various localities of the metropolis.

Sindh Police Additional IG Shahid Hayat has been looking for a covert hand behind all the criminal activities, including terrorism, sectarianism and other crimes. Another police officer in a recent press conference revealed that Attaur Rehman aka Naeem Bukhari, chief of defunct Lashker-e-Jhangvi, has dispatched some 10 groups in the City to carry out sectarian killings. He said Qasim Rashid, another LJ activist, was remain in the Central Jail, Karachi and operating the groups and assigning them tasks from there.

MWM’S RALLIES AGAINST ASSASSINATION OF ALLAMA NASIR: Supporters of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen on Tuesday staged city-wide rallies on Monday to condemn the targeted assassination of renowned scholar Allama Nasir Abbas of Multan.

A large number of people attended the rallies staged in Jafar-e-Tayyar Malir, Incholi Society and other places where they raised slogans against the US and Zionist regime for using outlawed terrorist outfits as their proxy against Shia Muslims of Pakistan.