Kandhkot - Spurious and expired medicines are being sold in different areas of Kashmore and Kandhkot with impunity.

According to sources, the District Health Department has completely failed to control the sale of spurious and expired medicines in the area.

Due to the negligence of concerned departments, medical stores owners are not only selling ordinary drugs, but also the special ‘not for sale’ medicines in which syrups, tablets and injections are also included.

Hence these people are playing with the lives of common citizens as most of them are either less educated or illiterate, who have never read precautions and also the date of expiry.

Thus by consuming these medicines, patients are in fact inhaling poison without knowing.

Sampling is also increasing day by day. Samples are given to the doctors, but these greedy doctors hand these over to medical stores on commission and hence boost their business. It has also been reported that most medical stores owners in Kandhkot and its surrounding areas do not have licences.

Besides that it has also been learnt from various sources that even those owners, who possess these licences, have not renewed their licences, and still they are going ahead with their business.


Zaheer Hussain