PESHAWAR - A former Afghan Taliban minister Mulla Abdul Raqeeb was shot dead in Peshawar on Monday.
As per details, Mulla Abdul Raqeeb, a former Afghan Taliban minister for refugees, was on his to home on his motorcycle after attending a seminar at Madrassa Maabul Ulomul Quran when armed assailants riding a motorbike opened fire on him.
Police said Mulla Abdul Raqeeb was shot on Canal Road after he left the seminary in the limits of Tehkal Police Station and died on the spot. Sources said Mulla Raqeeb, was in favour of talks with the Afghan government. The killers managed to escape after committing the crime.
It has been learnt that Mulla Abdul Raqeeb was working for a peaceful Afghanistan. Mulla Raqeeb was a learned scholar, politician, social worker and guardian of thousands of orphans. Mulla Raqeeb has been shifted to Peshawar where he was teaching at a seminary.
The assassinated former Afghan minister for refugees belonged to the Takhar province of Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning here that senior leaders of the Afghan Taliban have been repeatedly targeted and killed in Quetta and Peshawar but nobody has ever claimed responsibility.