GUJRANWALA/MULTAN - The ATM skimmers have become active in Multan after Karachi as a gang deprived a citizen of Rs300,000 after trapping him into a verification trick, police said.

The citizen namely Muzahir Abbas, a schoolteacher, filed applications with police and FIA, stating that he was swindled by unknown outlaws, seeking action against them and recovery of his money. “I received a call and the caller told me my card number and other personal details. Then he asked me to tell my PIN to complete verification process. I got trapped and disclosed my number,” he added. He said that he received a call from the manager of the bank where he had his account, who told him that Rs300,000 was transferred from his account to seven different accounts, all opened in the names of women. He alleged that the bank staff was involved in the scam. No one from the bank was available to comment on the situation.

Likewise, dacoits and thieves took away cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables in 28 hits in Gujranwala. In Ali Pur Chatha police station limits, armed men intercepted Javed and snatched Rs. 73 thousands, gold locket set and cell phone, in Cantt area bandits looted Rs22 thousands, motorcycle and cell phone from Luqman, in Aroop area robbers took away Rs32 thousands, gold chain and cell phone from Tufail, at Ahmed Nagar Javed was deprived of Rs100 thousands and cell phone on gun point, in Sadar Wazirabad area dacoits took away Rs20 thousands, two cell phones from Ashfaq, in civil lines area swindlers took away Rs. 27 thousands, gold ornaments from a woman, in Tatleywali armed men intercepted Hashim and deprived him of Rs60 thousands, gold ornaments and cell phones, and in Kot Ladha bandits snatched Rs43 thousands, two cell phones and gold locket set from Hakim.

In Ferozwala dacoits took away Rs37 thousands, cell phone from Abu Bakar, three armed men entered in the house of Naeem and looted Rs60 thousands, gold ornaments, two lap tops and three cell phones, in Nowshera road swindlers took away Rs22 thousands, gold chain from a woman, in cantt police station limit Tayyab was deprived of Rs30  thousands, two cell phones on gun point,  in Nowshera Virkan bandits snatched Rs110 thousands, gold ring and cell phones from Furqan, swindlers took away Rs36 thousands, cell phones and gold ornaments from a woman in Dogranwali, and at Ladhewala Warriach Zaheer was deprived of Rs. 52 thousands, gold locket set and two cell phones on gun point.

In Aroop police station limits robbers looted Rs18 thousands, gold ring and cell phones from Zubair, in Ali Pur Chatha dacoits took away Rs40 thousands, cell phones and gold chain from Khuram, at Ahmed Nagar Sadam was deprived of Rs.17 thousands, motorcycle and cell phones, in Qila Didar Singh armed men intercepted Fawad and deprived him of Rs44 thousands, two cell phones and gold locket set, in theft incidents unknown thieves swept the houses and shops of Awais, Arslan,Azhar, Abdullah, Zubair, Nasir and Usman while Motorcycles of Naveed and Irfan were stolen from different places.