LAHORE - Faria Bukhari is surely sticking to her roots! The actress is working in a drama serial titled ‘Aik Larki Aam Si’ directed by Muhammad Adeel Siddiqui and written by Waseem Ahmed.

Always on the lookout for challenging roles, she is playing a small but pivotal role. Sharing a little more insight about the role, Bukhari commented, “I have made a special appearance. My character has a lot of grey shades and is very bold. The character is completely different and perhaps way more challenging than the previous characters that I have played. It’s primarily a negative role and you can say that I play the part of the mastermind pulling the strings for the twists and turns in the drama.”

When asked about the challenges and her choice of taking up the negative role, Bukhari commented, “Since it’s a negative role, I was of course a little apprehensive when signing up for the project. It is very different from my previous work and the character I am playing is the polar opposite of the kind of person I am in real life. However, at the same time I was excited about the challenge of being able to adopt the character. As you already know, I try staying far away from those typical female roles where the actress is practically crying throughout the drama. As an actress, I prefer more versatility when selecting and taking up projects. I supposed this opportunity as uncomfortable as it initially felt was really exciting which is why I signed up for it.”

Commenting on the experience of working with the team, Bukhari said, “The entire team was great, especially the director and Amna Malik. It was a great experience and definitely a project I enjoyed doing.”

A Momina Duraid Production, ‘Aik Larki Aam Si’ is directed by Muhammad Adeel Siddiqui and written by Waseem Ahmed.

The story revolves around a girl named Anmol who has taken the responsibility of becoming the sole earner of her house after her father’s death.

The plot follows her journey and hardships through life. The cast includes, Faria Bukhari, Babar Khan, Anmol Baloch, Jahanze, Hiba Aziz, Yasir Ali, Nawal Saeed, Fawad Jalal and Amna Malik to name a few.