Nepra has rejected the government’s request of reconsideration of tariff determination for the Wapda distribution companies for the financial years 2013-14, aimed to provide subsidy to certain class of consumers.

In its decision regulatory body has stated that it cannot hold its decision for more than 15 days and under Nepra Act.

“When a tariff is intimated by Nepra to federal government for notification in official gazette, it has to be done in 15 days time frame, unless a re-consideration request could be filed by the government within 15 days of receipt of such determination of decision”, Nepra said in its decision.

The decision explains that tariff determination of different Discos were intimated to federal government in January, February, March and April 2014, and according to the law, the reconsideration request had to be filed within 15 days of the date of intimidation.

In the request the government proposed to provide subsidy to certain classes of consumers, in consumers’ interest.  However, during the pendency, government in another letter dated July 3, 2014 to Nepra, and requested to hold on the reconsideration request till the government gets back to Nepra.

The decision says that there is no such provision for putting any request and a time period of 15 days Nepra has to decide about the re-consideration request. Therefore the request of federal government for putting on hold the reconsideration request is not maintainable and is returned non-actioned.

In its request Ministry of Water and Power stated to maintain uniform tariff across the country and in consumer interests, to pass on the per unit subsidy to all the consumers of certain category of all distribution companies. Ministry also requested Nepra to condone the delay in filing of reconsideration request. In its application Ministry of water and power requested reconsideration of distribution companies for financial year 2013-14.

FESCO’s date of determination was requested to be 06-02-2014, GEPCO 16-01-2014, HESCO 20-02-2014 ISECO 22-01-2014, LESCO 02-01-2014, MEPCO 17-01-2014, PESCO 28-04-2014, QESCO 27-01-2014, SEPCO 03-03-2014, TESCO 28-04-2014.