ISLAMABAD - All the tall claims of Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) regarding giving top priority to female squash brought down to earth as the federation didn't bother to try to arrange Australian visa for lone Pakistani top squash player Sammer Anjum, who was set to play in the main round of Australian Open and Victorian Open, which could have taken her WSA rankings among top 100.

The PSF secretary always talks too much but in reality, he has failed to deliver. The matter of fact is that female squash in not even at the federation’s least priority list, therefore, they never bother to arrange visa for even a single female player. On the other hand, the PSF has arranged visas for male players but biased approach there too harming Pakistan squash.

At least four PSA events are held every year for male players, and the federation only cares about Maria Toor Pakai, who is residing in Canada and comes to Pakistan occasionally while top female players are left high and dry and they pay from their own pockets to participate in the WSA events, but even then federation doesn't bother to help them out.

The reliable sources confirmed to this scribe that Sammer Anjum was the lone female representative of Pakistan in high profile events. Sammer had worked very hard, participated in the WSA events and improved her WSA rankings from 250 plus to 122. She could have easily jumped into top 100, had the PSF taken care of her visa issue as well. Despite refusal to male squash players from Australian High Commissioner, the PSF high ups met with High Commission official and succeed in arranging visas for Nasir Iqbal, Tayyab Aslam and Farhan Zaman, while Sheikh Saqib, who is a regular member of Pakistan team, was left high and dry by the federation and same treatment was rendered to Sammer as well, who had to withdraw her name from the said events, or else she had to face WSA plenty, which could have resulted in deduction of ranking points.

Why does the PSF not take female squash seriously? If the federation doesn't want to promote females, then they must clearly inform them about it instead of wasting their precious time and money.

It is clear from the federation’s attitude that how much they give importance to female squash as they only offer central contracts to male players and not a single female player was offered any central contract. How on earth could it be possible for female players to even continue playing squash under such discrimination?

A few female players have requested PSF president Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman to provide them justice and inquire about the entire matter. The matter of the fact that Australian visa fee is quite expensive even then Sammer and Saqib deposited their visa fees of Rs 30,000 each but due to non-serious attitude of the PSF, this fee of both the players would be wasted if they were denied visas.

Seeing the entire situation, it is hoped the PSF president will take action and justice will be provided to female players, as there are a lot of bright young talented females, who if provided with opportunities and coaching, can make their presence felt and earn laurels for the country at international stage.

In the past, Jamshed Gul had provided female players opportunities, which resulted in best performances from female players in Asian Team championship, but now even male players are struggling to get training and coaching as presently the PSF is running without a national coach. The wrong policies of the PSF has put Pakistan squash on ventilator and any further delay in taking action against super flops can spell further disaster and all the past records will only be remembered in history books.