TARBELA GHAZI - Former Chief Minister Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pir Sabir Shah said that no one would be able to stop PML-N from regaining power in the 2018 general elections. The development and progress of Pakistan are difficult to digest for the opponents, he said. They are afraid of the popularity of PML-N and busy in conspiracies for separating the prime minister from power, he added.

Shah said this while talking to the journalists during his visit to Press Club Abbottabad on Sunday.

He said that elements afraid of Pakistan’s development and progress were supporting the international conspiracies on the basis of Panama. The former chief minister said that the ongoing conspiracy was not against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but Pakistan.

He said that our politicians should support the steps and activities being taken for the development and progress of the country. The PML-N leader praised the services of Press Club Abbottabad for highlighting regional issues.