Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah Tuesday said that the rulers’ stubbornness was posing a threat to democracy in the country.

Talking to a delegation of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Shah warned the government that if Volume 10 of the JIT report was made public they would not be able to face the people.

He added that the much the government would dig Panama case the deeper it would sink.

Shah said that if the government demanded making volume 10 of the JIT report public, the prime minister would not be able to face anyone.

Khurshid Shah said they were not protecting the government rather Parliament and democracy.

He added that it had been a distinction of PPP to save democracy.

The opposition leader added that PPP had accepted SC decision against its own prime minister without any hesitation, then how they would not accept the apex court decision against Nawaz Sharif.