ISLAMABAD-In order to overcome shortage of teachers in the public sector schools of Islamabad Capital Territory, the government has decided to induct as many as 480 science subject specialist teachers.

In this regard, establishment division has issued no objection certificate to Ministry of Federal Education for deployment of teachers and administration officers on the vacant posts in FG public sector schools working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), sources said on Monday.

The sources said that the education ministry had also sent recommendations to Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) regarding the procedure of filling the vacant posts.

According to the notification of Secretary Ministry of Federal Education, it had been recommended that the induction of federal government educational institutions teachers should be initiated. They said that the teachers from Grade 16 to 20 would be hired on vacant posts of the FG educational institutions.

As per the recommendations out of total 212 posts of grade 17, around 40 male teachers of Physics, 55 Mathematics, 40 Chemistry, 42 Biology, and 35 for the Computer Science would be hired. Similarly, out of total 204 posts for the female teachers, Physics 40, Mathematics 60, Chemistry 45 and Biology 30 while 29 female teachers would be hired for the subject of Geography. Sharing the details of vacant posts, the sources informed that out of total 480 vacant posts around 212 posts of Senior School Teachers (SST) of grade 17 for male while around 204 posts for female teachers in same were lying vacant.

However, five posts of Principal in grade 19, 24 posts of grade 17 for the Vice Principal (Male) and the 32 posts Vice Principal (Female) of the same grade would be filled.

Similarly, the applications would also be demanded from the applicants for the four posts of Deputy Director in grade19 and one post of the Director in grade 20. Furthermore, around 11 Male Drawing teachers and 10 Female Drawing teachers would also be inducted in the schools, they added.

After the approval of recommendations, the said above vacant posts would be filled through the competitive exams taken by the FPSC.

It further said that the new induction in grade 14 had been finished and now all subject specialist teachers would be hired directly through the FPSC. The sources further revealed that around 4000 posts of teachers were lying vacant in the federal educational institutions because no induction was made since 2009.