ISLAMABAD - The poor arrangements made by National Assembly Secretariat for the Joint Sitting of the Parliament were fully exposed when the National Assembly staff deputed at the main gates of the Parliament did not allow some of the senior journalists to enter the premises, saying that they have instruction from the higher authorities not to let anyone enter the Parliament once the address of the President starts.

But ironically on the other hand they let people who have acquaintance with them allowed enter the Parliament despite the fact they were not having the formal invitation cards.

When these officials were asked to put them on phone with some relevant officials so that they could explain their position to them these officials plainly refused and rudely said that they (journalists) should better contact the high-ups as they were just there to implement the orders.

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At the same time when the National Assembly parking lot was filled to its capacity, the security officials deputed at the gates directed the rest of the people coming to cover the Presidential address to the Supreme Court’s parking but their was no coordination of National Assembly Secretariat with the SC administration.