ISLAMABAD - None else but the PPP MNA Syed Nasir Shah was the first person to stage walkout from the Joint Sitting of the Parliament when he was not allowed by the Speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza to speak on point of order about some issues.

Soon after the recitation from Holy Quran, Nasir Shah rose to speak and asked for the Speaker’s permission ahead of President Zardari’s address but the Speaker said the rules did not allow her to let him speak and later in protest he staged a walkout from the Parliament.

Talking to the media outside the Parliament House, Nasir Shah said he wanted to make three points to draw President Asif Zardari’s attention toward some important issues.

He said PPP’s slogan is to provide food, shelter and clothing but none of these things was provided to the people during party’s rule and the condition of people was going bad to worse, and people were committing suicide due to hunger.

He said he also wanted to point out the promises made to him by the Prime Minister regarding bringing improvements in Balochistan and were never met and thirdly he wanted to record his protest over government’s indifference toward Benazir Bhutto’s murder case.