ISLAMABAD  - The registrar of the Supreme Court placed under suspension Muhammad Yousaf Jan Marwat, judicial assistant, working in the Record Section of the court and initiated disciplinary proceedings against him.

According to press release issued by the Supreme Court on Saturday, the official was suspended under the Supreme Court (Appointment of Officers and Servants and Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1982.

The allegation against the officer was that he contributed to the publication of false/misleading news story to the effect “Documents on immunity stolen from house of Supreme Court official” with a view to sensationalise a non-issue.

The order stated that the suspended official acted in a most irresponsible/unprofessional manner, which was contrary to office discipline and Rules of Code of Conduct.

Prior to this, his explanation was called and his reply was found unsatisfactory and full of contradictions. Therefore, he has been placed under suspension.

It is pertinent to mention here that Yousaf Jan Marwat is a judicial assistant working in Record Section of Supreme Court, Islamabad.

The official reported to police regarding burglary incident at his residence on 15.03.2012 which created media hype, besides issuing misleading stories attributed to the Supreme Court.

As per police report, he informed police that the locks of his house were broken but nothing was found missing.

In his explanation, however, he stated that two perfumes and some study and research material were missing, but he asked the police not to make it part of the complaint.

Further, he also stated that he stressed on the police to proceed with the matter confidentially and secretly. This perhaps aroused unnecessary suspicion and speculative reports in the media. He further admitted that some media persons knew that he was doing research on issue of presidential immunity.

Yousaf was “not required to write any such thesis nor assigned any research work,” the statement said.

The statement added: “Yousaf Jan is a judicial assistant working in the records section in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Islamabad. He has nothing to do with the research work in the Court. He has not been entrusted with any such work.”