At this point in time, US-Iran are entering a phase in which mutual relations are facing a nosedive decline despite the Nuclear deal. The Trump establishment is undertaking controversial issues as initiatives that serve as dilemmas and, went further in order to adopt it as part of its main agenda. Pro-Russian diplomats like Michael Flynn have been showed the door. A similar situation seems to be in store for Rex Tillerson, a close friend of Putin after Mike Pence's visit to Europe to revamp Pro-Israeli NATO. In the meantime, US Armed forces carried out a raid in Yemen. The timing suggests link between the Israeli and American nexus against Iran. Simultaneously, Saudi King has embarked on official visit to several Muslim Asian countries. Question arises whether the initiative is associated with the plan to launch an Islamic force comprised of 40-member nation states. This is the same Islamic Army to be raised as a Sunni Muslim Army, which will oppose Shia Iran.

Geo-political events on diplomatic stage have now taken the driving seat after a  transition phase spanning from January 2016 (Yemen War) till election of Trump. Within a couple of weeks after Trump-Netanyahu meeting, the Saudi-Iranian spat is being potentially spiraled to Sunni-Shia civil war in Islam. Though, it is implied to be a Jewish conspiracy but it has more to do with Muslim incompetence. In the Middle eastern political discourse, the Arab-Israeli ignorance is being translated into Muslim-Jewish arrogance as Trump has endorsed several controversial standpoints while dealing with the American establishment who seeks to remain relevant through any way and every means, possible. However, the aim of global establishment after Trump's win (who was previously referred to as 'anti-war' and 'anti-establishment) is to rein in Europe, which is divided into western (UK, Germany, France) and eastern (Russia) bloc. The symbol of western European unity is the Queen and the Pope. Any event which brings down either or both pillars will have tremendous consequences where the religious 'paradigm of clash' will erupt. Europe will divide further as the Middle East has posited the similar lines representing circle of endless regional civil war. Turkish Minister, recently, stated that Europe is entering a period of religious wars. This statement was in connection with  Turkey's increasingly good relations with Russia and the reaction of several West European states after Turkish-Dutch intense diplomatic row.

Taking into account the condition of House of Islam (Darussalam) with its presence in Asia, there exists same division between 'protestants' and 'orthodox.' The present conditions depict situation where Israel seeks to impose a regional military dictatorship which in time, after certain measures are taken and conditions are fulfilled, will transform into Global military dictatorship. There is no doubt regarding Saudi connection with Israel, which sought Raheel Sharif as commander of Sunni Muslim Army. However, the same Militarism has been displayed by Iran, whose relations with Turkey dampened in Mid-February; which is when the Israeli Missile deal with India was finalised. In the same week, Pakistani PM visited Turkey. The level of diplomatic importance attached to the visit is considered similar to Erdogan's visit to Pakistan in November 2016 since 'Irap Plan' does serve rallying point for Sino-Russian led camp. The visit of Erdogan to Pakistan coincided with the date when Turkey and Israel restored their diplomatic relations by exchange of ambassadors. Symbolically, the events which are developing from time time in recent years have rapidly led the world in to two camps: Pro-Israeli NATO alliance and Sino-Russian led bloc.

Pakistan-Afghanistan relations strained after the Sehwan and Lahore attack. Pakistan endeavoured to retain its diplomatic standpoint by hosting ECO summit, in which Heads of states from various countries visited Pakistan. Furthermore, Russian President is expected to visit Pakistan in May, this year. According to 'Iraq Plan', Pakistan will be part of a global campaign where some allied Nations will propel the Chinese-led economic bloc into Russian-led Diplomatic alliance. In context of global events which ocurred since January 2016 till time of Trump's win, the current scenario depicts build up of 'Iraq-Plan' which witnessed massive support garnered in EurAsia after failed Turkish coup attempt. Indian President Modi is set to visit Israel in May, this year. Modi's stunt of 'surgical strikes' and 'strict (read: oppressive) fiscal policy' sought to follow a new policy which strengthens India's position on a new footing. Despite the strengthening of Indo-Israel relations, Modi's India knows that Israel is playing a game which does not account for Indian interests. Indian leadership knows it is inadvertently being used against Russia and China. India's only counter-play mechanism is to undermine Pakistan's importance while advancing its own position as the sole strategic decision maker in South Asia. This is evident in China-India talks held in last week of February 2017.

The 'backdoor' diplomacy witnessed in the regional and global events between the timing of Sheikh Nimr's execution and Trump's win is achieving a status of 'manifest-realisation' on the forefront, now. This time, with much more intensity and meaningfulness. It makes the events of previous year to be treated as mere trailer and contemporary situation depicts the whole version to follow as of yet. Saudi-Iranian spat under the commander-in-chief-to-be Raheel Sharif was meant to usher in an era of disastrous and devastating Sunni-Shia religious civil war in Islam. No one can deny US-Israeli involvement in facilitating the alliance. This is to the stupidity of KSA and ignorance of Iranians. 'Iraq plan' stands to help if both sides come to senses. It cannot be denied that all anti-terrorism offensives in Pakistan have been launched in era of Civil Government's who upheld Social Democracy. During pre-1970 era, the bureaucrats were the problem and the mantle has been taken up by agencies in post-1970 Pakistan. Nationalism and patriotism is a lie in garb of supporting  the real criminals who opposed Dhaka in its attempt to become the capital of one-unit Pakistan. 'Possibility' is an another thing when it is the truth that All India Muslim League only won from Bengal in Majority.  

Those who render ex-COAS as the saviour of Pakistan, actually, discredit those who gave their best in terms of professional capacity during darkest and toughest times i.e. Kayani and Bajwa. Public interest serves as a 'check and balance.' This is why the ruling government's representatives and members of opposition have to appear before Supreme court in Panama Papers case. Patriotism and Nationalism can never equal Truth and Justice. Furthermore, despite no foreign minister; the foreign policy is much better and more effective than before. Consider India for an example. Indian Army, Media and Bureaucracy brought Modi into power. However, some sections in India have opposed the 'Militaristic Status Quo' created and sustained by Indian establishment. These sections comprise of people who want to ensure that 'public interest' and 'national interest' do not become victim of Religion, Nationalism and Patriotism. Indian democracy survives on difference of opinion, equality and tolerance. India needs Democracy to ensure that it is vibrant and powerful country. Similarly, Pakistan and India should refrain from militaristic endeavours but should wage a moral struggle. Instead of defining 'Ghazwa tul Hind' as a victory over Hindus, we should join hands with Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians of India to support moral and liberal values inhibited in a spiritual democracy. Let it be the continuation of 'moral struggle' of Imam Husayn, which was waged against Yazid's militarism. We know that 'Popular sovereignty' lay with Imam Husayn. Armed struggle should be last option in case where inevitable and does not have to considered as priority due to 'India-centrism.' Since Pakistan was also achieved through Moral, constituional and democratic struggle. Those who lie on basis of Religion, Nationalism and Patriotism stress that even those who were illiterate came to listen to Quaid-E-Azam's english speeches i.e., claiming that Pakistan's creation was only because of Leadership granted through 'mashiyet-e-ezdi' or 'AmarAllah.' Yes, it was ! The will of God was to create a leadership who earned education in an era when society was based upon British system and they also served in the Bureaucracy set-up by the British. Back in those times, a Muslim bureaucrat was hard to find and Hindus had power, control and authourity due to education and awareness. If such leadership came forward at that time of British education (which Muslim academic figures like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan supported), why cannot the Nature produce leaders who would've taken Pakistan forward to fulfill the purpose for which it was created ? If Pakistan was created for 'Nifaaz-E-Shariyet' then most of Pakistan's population would have had its hand cut off if it were implemented, now.

On eve of first death anniversary of Mumtaz Qadri who has followers among the 'religious-minded' masses, the federal government has decided  to launch an anti-terrorism offensive in Punjab. The terror suspects being hunted are mostly linked to religious seminaries and groups. The whole market is set for purchase and sale for which the cash is Religion, patriotism and nationalism. It is the same factor of religion which became the 'so-called' raison d'etre of formation of Pakistan. The truth is that Pakistan was to be a state where religious persecution did not take place at hands of Majority. In ensuing period spreading over decades, it is religion and nationalism which has been used to enslave masses. The wrong done cannot be meted out, suddenly. It needs existence of strong stand of a democratic leadership which can manage to form a 'wave' of resistance against the falseness and expose lies being spread in the name of religion, nationalism and patriotism. It has to deal with the same arrogance which is being witnessed between Muslims and Jews (era of Post Arab-Israeli ignorance), now; with Europe to be the next victim as Western and Eastern Europe's interest collide in near future as there are powers or forces that won't be happy with Queen's assent to Article 50 bill which brings UK closer to Brexit.

Religion will be used to advance evil designs onto a higher stage of global events. Behind religion's role is the hand of Militaristic status quo which is based upon the elements of territorial expansionism and atheistic materialism. Secularism is not Atheism. Concept of secularism upholds spiritual democracy as an antidote against Oppressive Militarism. Liberalism and Secularism in a 'spiritual democracy' ensure that public and national interest are not held hostage by 'territorial expansionism' (read: religious militarism)' and 'atheistic materialism.' It is not a notion but reality when held as relative to how 'popular sovereignty' was held hostage to Yazid's Militarism. It was a Moral struggle not an armed one. In contemporary era, GOD Business ( Guns, Oils, Drugs ) will reach a new level of returns and profits. The answer to such greed, tyranny and oppression is Spiritual democracy which 'Raheel Sharif supporters' abhor. In a democracy, the representatives have to answer and perform. In a spiritual democracy; all avenues, historical events, knowledges and in fact, everything transfuses within contours of universal accountability. It all comes down to square one.

Israel's endeavours to become the ruling state in the world means it has to replace America. In order to fulfill the purpose either Israel's borders have to extend or world has to shrink in size. Russia and China do not want to rule the world and, hence, they opposed the UN resolution which allegedly claims of use chemical weapons in Syria. In order to facilitate the imposition of Euro-Jewish state's global military dictatorship, Israel will soon have to begin a Great war based upon 'series of wars.' The wars will now be the brunt of Europe where the West and East European bloc will clash in name of Christianity and Nationalism. Why else would Trump (who has switched sides), the father-in-law of Ivanka's Jewish husband, send Mike Pence to visit Europe. Jews believe that Messiah will emerge after the occurrence of three events: (i) Return of Jews to Holy land (ii) Establishment of Jewish homeland in Holy Land i.e. Euro-Jewish state of 'Godless' Israel and (iii) Construction of the Holy Temple to hasten the arrival. Contemporarily, many countries are opposing Jewish settlements and decision to transfer Israeli capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The eschatological beliefs of three Abrahamic faiths (read: religion) converge on the concept of 'Messiah.' Christians and Muslims consider Jesus, the son of Virgin Mary, to be the True Messiah. Jews rejected Jesus to be the 'Messiah.' Christians believe that a 'Prince' will come to aid the Messiah. Similarly, Muslims believe that their ruler at that time will be from lineage of Prophet Muhammad.

India is a country with majority of people who are not followers of an Abrahamic religion. The Hindutva ideology is visible through BJP which has been elected in Uttar Pardesh, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand while Congress won from Punjab. GurMehar Kaur episode has revealed the divide that Democracy will fail to lessen in presence of Modi's policies which has created many difficulties and some ease for both, India and Pakistan. Modi has smartly pitted 'public interest' against 'national interest' by dampening the spirit of 'patriotic blindness' through new stringent fiscal policy. These were not easy measures to uphold. Indian media hype against Pakistan reduced, significantly, in the aftermath. Modi is aware of Israeli interests in the region. The only interest of Modi's India is to eclipse Pakistan's importance in eyes of regional and global powers; and, does not seek to wage war. Pakistan, meanwhile, adopted a new and more effective foreign policy. Such efficacy is only possible in the reign of democratic and civil governments; not military juntas who rule deceptively. Question arises whether the world's largest democracy i.e. India will help facilitate the imposition of Israeli global military dictatorship? The recent rise in international price of petrol in terms of US dollars strikes as food for thought. The fiscal policy seems to be a precursor of a monetary policy based on digital or electronic money. A global military dictatorship will seek to enslave masses.

Two countries were founded on basis of religion in the modern era or for whose formation, the respective religions were used in same manner - at least: Israel and Pakistan. The 'Iraq Plan' is Pakistan's reply to Pro-Israeli NATO, which serves as the military arm of tyrannically Godless powers and oppressive religious forces, which seek to enslave mankind in every way possible. Chinese people have proved their intelligence and sensibility by preserving their wealth through system of public machines which serve as exchange points for Gold and silver. However, Indian public was ripped off through demonetisation of two highest currency notes in order to evict 'black money' from the national wealth. This is in opposition to teachings of Hindu religion as poor people were ripped off. Russia and Iran are two countries who took steps to lessen their reliance on American paper money. Indian leadership will have to relieve chains of GOD Business which in future will be in shape of electronic money or else endorse slavery to Israeli Militarism. In Zardari's era, Pakistan signed agreements with China, Iran and Turkey in order to deal in mutual currency terms. It isn't, though, unknown that Imam Al-Mahdi will not deal in Iranian riyal but rather, gold and silver.

There exist people who profess faith in the religious purity and integrity as values which uphold Truth and Justice. For them, there are three kinds of lies: Ordinary lies, great lies and then there's 9/11. Aside from personal capacity, the institution of spiritual democracy (which is close to Islamic concept of 'Pledge of Allegiance') provides the insight, fortitude, strength and depth to call spade a spade and realise enough to acknowledge that:  Yazid's militarism captured 'popular sovereignty' despite that he was not worthy of the spiritual 'pledge of allegiance.' Similarly, until the militaristic status quo does not submit to spiritual democracy, then oppressive militarism will force us to continue to bow down to US dollar, which is as bogus as 9/11. The betrayal to mankind has lessened the value of 'real' and 'true' wealth. Conversion to Gold and silver currency will safeguard against the rip-off of inflation and allow to have a life of integrity. Stealing wealth is a crime according to religious texts of abrahamic, polytheistic and other faiths. The upcoming Global military dictatorship will inflict such oppression regarding which Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) warned that people should hold on to whatever they have i.e. land, animals or any other belonging.

Pakistani foreign policy has gained support of other countries due to existence of a democratic government.  It is an element of fair amount of hardwork, mutual respect & trust, positively-enriching benchmarks, and sound understanding of priorities which leads to such dealings. How will Pakistani militaristic establishment 'manage' to oppose and face Indian 'Militaristic Status Quo' which is imposed in Kashmir unless we oppose Militarism amongst and within ourselves? Iqbal referred to Syria as proxy state between empires of old times i.e., Byzantine and Persia. In this context, he said that the future of Afghanistan is unclear. Furthermore, how will 'Iraq-Plan' fare enough to withstand the tyranny, wrath and oppression of Global 'Militarstic Status Quo,' which is to be imposed through Israeli Global Military dictatorship, if EurAsian countries do not cooperate, coordinate and collaborate with each other through 'Iraq Plan.' There is a chance for Pakistan to confront Saudi-Iranian rivalry as Kuwait has offered Gulf countries and Iran to be the negotiator. Plus, these developments were witnessed through visit of Pakistani PM to Kuwait and subsequent visit of Rouhani to Kuwait and vice-versa.

According to Islamic eschatology, Imam Al-Mahdi will finish the mission of Imam Al-Husayn i.e. win back 'popular sovereignty' against (Israeli) regional military dictatorship which will want to establish it's final Religious, Socio-economic and Political authourity on Global level. Israeli Global military dictatorship is destined to end with event of Jesus the True Messiah defeating anti-Christ the false Messiah. Spiritual democracy prepares for the moral struggle against the Godless and Religious forces of oppressive militarism and tyranny; similarly, it resonates to how Imam Husayn's moral struggle paved way for eternal defeat of Yazid's militariam in the plains of Iraq. For Spiritual Democracy is part of my faith and it will be restored time and again through natural forces whenever oppressive militarism rears its head!

Israeli President visited Moscow and Washington in recent past. The theme was related to events in Middle East, Asia and Europe. Considering the level of influence which Israel has on American establishment, the US and European allies can be forced to axe the efforts which are being made under 'Iraq Plan.' An Israeli attack on Iran can be perpetuated through Arab aggression. This will send shock waves from Middle East across the whole world. 'Iraq-Plan' will succeed if executed on basis of spiritual democracy. Two wrongs do not a right. Militarism has to be defeated. Ghazwa-tul-Hind is not a Militaristic concept as 'some' Pakistanis deem. It resonates to Imam Husayn's moral and spiritual struggle against Yazid's oppressive Militarism. Sunni-Shia religious civil war in Islam occurring due to Saudis invoking secret deals done with US in order to strike Iran will reveal how and why Muslim ignorance became Muslim arrogance when they followed Oppressive Militarism instead of embracing a principled approach through Spiritual democracy. Either Pakistanis can follow nationalist or patriotic lies which dilute or completely abandon the purpose behind the moral, democratic and constitutional struggle waged to achieve a seperate homeland or rather embrace Spiritual democracy which has potential to defeat forces of tyranny and oppression.