Dera Ghazi Khan - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the judiciary, aristocracy, politicians and the Pak Army to jointly work for the welfare of the people and prosperity of the country.

Addressing a public meeting here on Saturday, Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N government had completed projects worth Rs47 billion in Dera Ghazi Khan during the last nine and half years.

He said an investment of Rs27 billion had been made on various projects in the district. He also announced a cadet college in Fort Minro and THQ Choti Zareen. Announcing the merit for the children from poor families of DG Khan and Rajanpur, the chief minister said a committee for the purpose had already been constituted.

He said 220 million crore people will prove that who served people and who wasted their time, who worked round-the-clock for their developed considering national assets an obligation and who looted the national wealth. He said he has resolved to develop the South Punjab and bring it at a par with Lahore. He said, “We have worked day and night for the development of the South Punjab. The journey of development is very long but we will complete it.” He said his opponents say that Shehbaz Sharif constructs roads, metros and bridges, and he does not focus on hospital and schools. He invited his opponents to visit DG Khan and see here that there are Daanish schools, medical college, modern hospitals, while a teaching hospitals is being established in DG Khan.

He said the opponents could not construct roads, bridges, hospitals and schools and wasted the precious time of the people. He said today Zardari and Niazi have joined hands and the people are very aware of the alliance.

He said, ”I will not blame you (Niazi and Zardari) even if you did nothing in your province and destroy cities.” On the other hand, he said, Zardari tells same thing to Niazi for his province. He said purpose of their alliance was to find faults in the development projects and level baseless allegations on the Punjab government.

He said Pakistan is great blessing of Allah Almighty and it was established after huge sacrifices by our forefathers under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam. He said, “If we fail to make the country as per dream of Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal, we will not be pardoned in the life hereafter.”

He said Niazi sahib speaks lies day and night and he had levelled the allegations of kickbacks in Multan Metro. He said,” “Niazi sahib you are a lair and constantly speak lies, and your lies of one billion trees in the KPK has been proved. Niazi sahib has requested the chief justice to take notice regarding the Multan Metro, and I request the chief justice of the apex court to immediately take notice and form a bench consisting of 17 judges to investigate corruption allegations in Multan Metro. If corruption of even a single penny is proved, I will quit politics and if Niazi sahib is proved a liar, the people will decide his punishment.”

He said NAB was also investigating regarding Multan Metro and 50 to 6o persons have appeared in NAB. If corruption of a single penny is proved against him, he will beg pardon from the nation and quit politics.

The CM visited Dera Ghazi Khan and inaugurated public welfare projects worth billions of rupees and also laid the foundation stones of various development and welfare projects. The chief minister inaugurated the restoration and expansion of the road from Choti Zareen to Choti Bala. The road completed at a cost of Rs360 million will facilitate the people. The chief minister also inaugurated the Kot Chatha bypass project on Indus Highway constructed at a cost of Rs450 million. The construction and restoration of road from Basti Milana to Haidri Chowk, and the restoration and construction of road from Mehboob Mor to Aalim Khan on Indus Highway completed under the Khadam-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme at a cost of Rs300 million.

The chief minister also inaugurated a 20-bed trauma centre at Taunsa THQ Hospital which has been constructed at a cost of Rs100 million. He laid the foundation stone of the Child Protection Institute in Dera Ghazi Khan. The project will be completed at the cost of Rs.15 crore.