MULTAN - District Sports Officer (DSO) Jamil Kamran, who introduced archery, Australian football and baseball in South Punjab and took lead in training Multan disabled cricket team, is set to retire next month on April 8 after serving the sports department for over three decades.  He had joined sports department in 1983 and had introduced baseball in Multan with arrangements for its training and put together a team that gave good results. Around 30 players, who later competed at international level, were trained in Multan under his supervision from 1998 till to date. Disabled cricket team of Multan was also trained on his initiative and later players from Multan region participated in the disabled cricket world cup. He was also instrumental in introducing archery as sports in Multan and made arrangements for players training and formed a team. Recently, Jamil Kamran introduced Australian football nicknamed ‘Footy’ in South Punjab and its international competition is scheduled for July 2020 in Australia.