LAHORE - The Punjab University spokesman on Thursday has strongly rebuffed the allegations of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) regarding involvement of Punjab University College of Information Technology Principal Prof Dr Mansoor in Awais Aqeel’s murder. He said lie had no standing and life. According to FIR lodged by IJT activist Nauman Zafar, the stance of IJT was proved that it was an internal clash between the accused and the deceased, he added.  He said Prof Dr Mansoor Sarwar had extra ordinary academic record and his books on IT were being taught in more than 200 US universities as text books.  Moreover, he said, his books had been translated into Chinese and Spanish languages. He said that Dr Sarwar had been teaching in University of Portland, US for many years but left all the perks and huge salary for the sake of country and returned home.  He said that Dr Sarwar had been head of department at LUMS and since he had joined Punjab University, in a few years and as per HEC, he had turned PUCIT as the best IT college among public sector institutions.

 and it was the largest source of producing IT graduates in country. He said his honesty, popularity, educational and administrative skills had worried those elements who felt threat from him because of their own ineligibility.