LAHORE - Stopping just short of calling the PML-N Quaid a traitor, the former President and PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday declared that he (Nawaz) had no love for the country.

“Motherland always comes first over and above everything else”, he observed while addressing party workers at an iftar dinner hosted in his honor by party’s Lahore President Mian Azizur Rehman Chan at his steel factory situated on Ring Road.

Zardari went on to state that these people [Sharif family] were not ready to stand with their motherland as they were intoxicated by power at the moment. “Nawaz Sharif just does not love his country” he said, adding, that people were deeply hurt over Nawaz Sharif’s anti-Pakistan statement.

He viewed that some people [Sharif family] would jeopardise country’s interests only for the sake of grabbing power.

PPP leader said that Nawaz Sharif and his family had made fortunes after coming into Pakistan and now they were making slanderous attacks on the country.

“What your elders had brought from India; and what are your assets and possessions today”, he asked.

Zardari said though he was not in a mood to talk too much since he was fasting, but then it is also a question what a politician should do if he did not talk about politics.

Commenting on Nawaz Sharif’s statement about formation of a National Commission [to establish who had committed what mistake in the past], Zardari said he was not against the idea of any fact-finding commission as a matter of principle. “But it should be comprehensive and should start its investigation from the days of General Zia-ul-Haq”, he stated.

The PPP Co-Chairman said that Nawaz Sharif had been doing politics using the clutches of establishment for the last over 30 years.

He added that Nawaz Sharif was the one who had started the politics of Changa Manga.

He also mentioned that a Presidential reference regarding late former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s case was also lying with Supreme Court for decision.

“The purpose is only to make some people realise their mistakes and then forgive them. It is not meant to punish anybody”, he explained.